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Light Manufacturing Sector

A talented workplace for

precise production

More than 4,000 products exported
to more than 150 trade partners

Precision, experience and the right conditions for efficient production processes

Specialization lies at the heart of what we do.

Costa Rica has evolved to a consolidated industrial sector that exported US$8,771 million representing 76% of total exports of goods, this past year.

From Major League Baseballs and exclusive hand-tailored suits to patented- technology Steel Wiring, Costa Rica exports over 4,000 products to over 150 trade partners including electronics, textiles, plastics, jewelry, steel, metal mechanics, and paper, among others.

Light manufacturing companies have identified Costa Rica as an ideal platform for exports with a series of competitive advantages in relation to other countries.

Costa Rica has vast experience in the manufacturing of goods which are part of several global value chains. In 2013, almost 40% of total exports of goods were linked to global value chains such as electric and electronics, aerospace, medical devices, among others. We host a consolidated cluster of multinationals, providing an ideal location to develop business opportunities and establish links with other industries that support high-tech activities in several of their core processes, such as plastic molding, precision machining, plating, stamping and packaging, and most recently E-Beam sterilization, to name a few. As a result of this experience, our talent is very much familiarized with working under the strictest quality standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, and BASC among many others.

Companies in this sector can also enjoy the most competitive incentives operating in areas located outside the Greater Metropolitan Area. Not only are they able to find stable, friendly and skilled workforce but these areas also offer tax incentives beyond those of GAMA: a 100% exemption on income tax for 12 years with extendable periods, and non-expiring 100% exemption on custom duties on imports and exports, on withholding tax on royalties, fees and dividends, on interest income, and on sales tax on local purchases, are just some of them.

When we say excellent location, we actually own the term! Costa Rica offers access to over 2/3 of the world´s GDP through its ports in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 79.5% of weight tons were exported by sea in 2013 and represented 44.9% of total value exports in US$. Air transportation represented 37.1% of total value exports in US$ and 0.5% of the total weight exported.

In the era where discerning buyers pay increasing attention not only to the product itself and its material qualities; but to the intangibles like provenance, craft and individuality. With amost 100% of country’s energy from renewable sources, Costa Rica stands as a leader in sustainable, responsible and high-quality production.

Non-stop growth:

Plastic Sector

We went from 254 exporting companies in 2009 to 347 in 2015. (US$ 366 million in 2015)


Textiles, clothing, leather and footwear companies went from 121 in 2009 to 141 in 2015. From 380 products to 416.

metal mechanic sector

Between 2009 and 2015 exports of metal mechanic sector grew 9%, from US$308 million to US$335 million


Exports of diapers grew 71% between 2009 and 2015, to reach US$110 million in 2015.


#1 Educational System in Latin AmericaWEF 2015-2016

#1 in Production process sophistication in Latin America WEF 2015-2016

#1 in Innovation in Latin AmericaWEF 2015-2016

#1 in University-industry collaboration in Latin AmericaWEF 2015-2016

#1 in Cooperation of Employee-Labor RelationsWEF 2015-2016

#1 in Security Index in Latin AmericaLatin Business Chronicle 2014

learn about tax incentives, location and more visit why costa rica

Costa Rica offers the right

conditions for your business

Here are 6 reasons to choose us

  • 1.Political stability

    The second most politically stable and consolidated democracies in Latin America which provides the ideal climate to reduce risk and safeguard long-term investment.

  • 2.Preferential access to the world

    14 FTAs signed which provide access to 57 trade partners, including the European Union (27), the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, China, Peru and Sigapore among others.

  • 3.close proximity to USA

    Close proximity to the USA, with +1000 international flights leaving and entering the country weekly and nautical assess both from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

  • 4.broad offer of Industrial parks

    Several industrial free zone parks located throughout the country offering robust infrastructure.

    Learn more here
  • 5.Customized Technical Training

    In order to improve our human capital skills, we’ve created customized educational programs to fit the needs of the industry.

    Learn more here
  • 6.additional incentives

    Fast track immigration procedures, online customs expedited with transparency, and the most attractive tax incentives package in Latin America.

    Learn more here

Light Manufacturing Sector executive contacts