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The End of Distance: Connecting people, places and information

Every business is a digital business. That’s because every customer is now a digital customer. In response to the rise of the digital customer, companies are looking to leverage digital technologies to drive new levels of customer engagement and competitive advantage.

We are about to break one of the longest and most eagerly-awaited hype cycles in tech history. The rapid growth of extended reality (XR) includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), haptics, holograms and an expanding range of immersive tools that use and enhance our natural senses.

And as the technology evolves, it has greater potential to close the gaps of distance, addressing significant pain points between users and brands, transforming the ways people work and live.

4.0 technologies-related companies

in Costa Rica provide VR/AR services (Procomer, 2019)

Top 4
Digital Animation faculties

In Latin America (Veritas University) and among the Top 100 in the world.

diplomas annually

in Computer Sciences on average in the last 5 years (CONARE, 2020)

exploring to invest

Companies exploring to invest in AR in 2020 (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020).

growth by 2025

VR/AR's market size expected to growth (Markets and Markets, 2020)

VR/AR conections

Leaders in VR/AR present in Costa Rica:



Gensler: remaking design through immersive experiences

Featured success story

While re-imaging the future of cities, Gensler seizes technology to experience, review and design the right space solutions for clients across the region.
Gensler started operations in Costa Rica in 2016, without knowing it would later become there door to the region.
The firm currently employs over 130 architects, designers and planners.
Gensler’s Costa Rican team is almost 50-50% in terms of gender parity.

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