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Samtec, the global manufacturer of interconnections, brings a new process to Costa Rica and will increase its workforce by around 250 people

Samtec, the global manufacturer of interconnections, brings a new process to Costa Rica and will increase its workforce by around 250 people

  • The company arrived in the country 17 years ago and its plant is located in Montecillos de Alajuela. 
  • Growth will allow Costa Rica to produce a new sub-product for connectors used in different industries globally.
  • The company is investing $13 million to expand its plant and acquire new equipment. 
San José, Costa Rica, February 13th, 2024. Samtec, the global manufacturer of a wide range of electronic interconnections, announced the growth of its operations in Costa Rica with the expansion of its plant, more hiring of personnel and new processes that add to the activities that the company carries out from Costa Rican soil.

The multinational of American origin has been operating in Costa Rica for 17 years and its global operations include high-speed connectors, microconnectors, edge cards, resistant/powerful connectors, cables/flexibles, IP68 seals, I/O components and cables, and RF components and cables. In Costa Rica, the company maintains its operations in Montecillos de Alajuela.

“We are very proud to make this announcement because it means that as a country we demonstrate the capacity of the operation and our talent to develop a by-product with greater value and degree of specialization, manufacturing from Costa Rica a connector that can be useful for industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical devices and any other with interconnecting electronic equipment,” expressed José Sánchez, General Manager of Samtec Costa Rica.

Since its arrival in the country and with the support of CINDE, Samtec has stood out for its evolution in the advanced manufacturing sector, going through engineering, testing, corporate services, product design, purchasing and planning processes. According to the company, the bringing of the new process to Costa Rica occurs after having surpassed quality standards with respect to other of its plants around the world and reaching the required productivity levels.

"We started exploring the market a few years ago and with the good results we achieved, we are celebrating that Costa Rica, together with Portland, are the only two Samtec plants that will manufacture this by-product, which are high-speed and minimum data loss connection cables,” Sanchez added.

For her part, Marinela Urgellés, general director of CINDE, highlighted: “Samtec is a benchmark in digital transformation through electronic components. As allies we are satisfied that the growth of the plant in 4 800m2 will not only serve the new process, but practically half of that space will be for the organic growth of the company and its production lines of wired and wireless connectors, which are the technological spearhead in many industries worldwide.

“We are convinced that the high performance of the plant on national soil favors and places Costa Rica as a key nation, with experience and talent to know how to face the challenges of industry 4.0 and promote the growth of companies in the
advanced manufacturing sector.”

The corporation, headquartered in Indiana, is making an investment of $13 million dollars in Costa Rica, $8 million of which will be allocated to the growth of the plant and the rest of the investment, to new equipment.

Talent search: 250 new employment positions

Samtec Costa Rica has around 1,000 employees, most of them process operators. However, from the country, the company also carries out corporate services, purchasing, research and development, and drawing, among other services. Furthermore, Costa Rica is the center of the corporation's automated processes, being the plant with the most machines of this type.

It is currently carrying out hiring processes and for the next 18 months it plans to grow by 250 new job positions in profiles such as production operators, industrial engineers, mechanics, electrical and industrial maintenance personnel, and software designers
In the case of production operators, mastery of a second language is not required, while for the rest of the positions, it is necessary to have an intermediate-advanced level of English (B2+).

Among the benefits that the company offers are study scholarships, transportation, subsidized food, and solidarity association, among others.

Those interested can learn more at Samtec, Inc Careers ( or through the profile of Samtec LinkedIn.

About Samtec
Samtec is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of electronic connectors, it was founded in 1976 and currently has more than 7,500 employees, distributed in 14 production plants and several sales offices and design centers worldwide. Samtec focuses on customer satisfaction, so it exports directly to the customer's doorstep wherever they are. Samtec serves different markets such as industrial, computers, medical, aerospace, among others. And it has more than 25,000 direct clients.

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