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Tekni-Plex Healthcare Expands Plant in Costa Rica to Add New Medical Device Production Lines

Tekni-Plex Healthcare Expands Plant in Costa Rica to Add New Medical Device Production Lines

  • The life sciences company arrived here in 2013 and employs 80 people on Costa Rican soil.  
  • The expansion includes new extrusion equipment for medical tubing and additional space for storage and assembly operations. 
  • Headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, the company employs more than 7,000 people in countries such as Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, India, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, the United States, and Costa Rica.

San Jose, Costa Rica. October 26, 2022. Tekni-Plex Healthcare, a U.S. company specializing in medical tubing components for applications such as intravenous therapy, dialysis equipment, insulin administration, cardiovascular procedures, drainage, catheterization, etc., has announced the expansion of its Cartago plant. In several stages, the project will strengthen the company’s manufacturing capacities while adding approximately 5,000 square meters of combined assembly and storage space.
The company is thus investing in new extrusion lines for medical tubing (key inputs for the industry in this country), together with auxiliary equipment, as part of its production plant expansion in Cartago, Costa Rica.
“For years, our facilities in Costa Rica have exemplified the advanced materials science and manufacturing capacities for which Tekni-Plex Healthcare is known throughout the world. The current project shows our commitment to advancing our products and providing exemplary customer support service, our mission being to deliver better patient outcomes,” said Chris Qualters, CEO of TekniPlex Healthcare. 
Tekni-Plex Healthcare expects to increase its medical tubing and applications capacity in the midst of a growing components market for the industry. The company expects to install new tubing extrusion equipment in a clean room environment with the idea of putting it online by the end of the second quarter 2024.
“We are pleased to have accompanied Tekni-Plex for the last ten years in the development of its operation in Costa Rica, from where it manages the entire manufacturing process, from the preparation of compounds to the extrusion of all its highly regarded medical tubing products, in addition to the manufacturing of components and tubing sub-assemblies.Tekni-Plex’s growth should be cause for celebration for the entire life sciences sector, since the company is a direct supplier to leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a presence in this country and is therefore strengthening the industry for continued exporting of medical devices from Costa Rica,” commented CINDE Managing Director Marianela Urgellés. 
The Tekni-Plex operation in Costa Rica is located in the Zeta Free Trade Zone in Cartago. Tekni-Plex’s growth will also double its capacity to produce and deliver complex medical device sub-assemblies that need to exceed rigorous industry requirements such as microextrusions, quadruple tubes, thermally bonded multitubulars, and advanced multilayers for the delivery of complex medications.
The project will provide additional space for the company to transfer inventory stored at an outside location to a recently constructed building next to its current facilities. This centralization will improve work flow and smooth the way for an additional expansion planned for upcoming years.
The expansion will also further improve Tekni-Plex Healthcare’s business continuity capacities, often a key factor in the choice of strategic partners where dual validation is essential, taking advantage of existing medical tubing manufacturing operations in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and China.

About Tekni-Plex Healthcare
Tekni-Plex uses advanced experience in materials science and technologies to develop and provide critical solutions for diagnostic and medical devices, medication delivery systems, and packaging applications for medical care. With a global scope, the division has in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical panorama in general, enabling it to produce exemplary barrier properties for medications and precision medical devices for interventional and therapeutic procedures. Tekni-Plex Healthcare’s constantly evolving portfolio meets the high-impact medication and critical healthcare product demands of care providers and patients. For more information, visit

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