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The right set of qualities needed
to thrive among people and business

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productive dividends

A workforce with a broad mix of skills is crucial for business success and national prosperity. Businesses with more skilled staff have higher rates of innovation and productivity. Research has found a consistent relationship between human capital and economic growth.

Soft skills are also referred to as employability skills, enterprise skills and they are transferable between industries and occupations. They include things like communication, teamwork, and problem solving, as well as emotional judgement, professional ethics and global citizenship.

Costa Rica educates students through a hands-on, comprehensive learning, along with leadership experiences that prepares graduates for an exciting future.

people trained

to confront the COVID-19 crisis in industry 4.0 skills in joint program with Coursera (2020)

of companies

say their main advantage perceived is talent (KPMG Corporate Services Survey Costa Rica, 2020)


Over +2000 students and employees retooled and reskilled through Skills4Life program, aimed to improve employability via technical, language and soft skills.


55% of services companies believe talent is the most urgent investment climate priority in Costa Rica (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE; 2019)

Human Capital, Workforce Skills and Quality of Education in Latin America

(WEF, 2019)

in digital skills of the people in Latin America

(WEF, 2019)

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Learning has been a cornerstone of our society since 1870 when education became free and mandatory. We will continue to invest where it matters the most: our people.

We embrace challenges, learn rapidly and welcome opportunities. A nation governed in peace with a solid long-standing democracy that stands behind health, education and the pursuit of self-development.

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