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Big data is rapidly evolving every day, and with it, so are the best practices and processes to convert vast amounts of information into valuable customer insights. Companies are embarking on their own journeys—marked by varying levels of sophistication and big data mastery—while navigating complex issues of data privacy and regulation, security, talent gaps and legacy systems.

Given the ubiquity of data and its immersion in nearly every aspect of digital life, access to this technology could become the value-generating lifeblood to fuel companies' continued health, expansion and efficiencies. Analytics will become increasingly important across business units and end-to-end processes, gathering more and more integration points, tools, storage and above all, delivering its outcomes towards business intelligence and faster decision making.

As a resource, data represents multiple opportunities for businesses to materially impact their business performance, unlocking real-time insights that can help drive revenue growth, cost efficiency and reduce churn.

Deliver BI processes

32% of multinational companies are delivering Business Intelligence and Analytics processes from Costa Rica (CINDE Investment Advisory Insights, 2020)

Most common 4.0 technology

Big Data and Analytics is the second most common 4.0 technology leveraged by Costa Rican ICT companies (Procomer, 2019)

of MNC companies

In the services sector in Costa Rica state that business intelligence is the most strategic process. (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE, 2019)

Top 3

Analytics in among life sciences companies in Costa Rica (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE, 2019)

Targeted their investment

Investment efforts towards Data Analytics of surveyed companies, along with data mining in 39% (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020).

of decision makers

Stated that data usage for improving companies' capabilities was top 3 short term priorities for organizations (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020).

Implement Business Intelligence technologies

Ensuring that the data of the business is leveraged to establish a well-informed basis for decision-making. (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020).

6 out of 10

Affirm to promote data science models (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020).

Big Data conections

Leaders in Big Data & Analytics present in Costa Rica:



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Featured success story

Experian Costa Rica is part of the company’s four global delivery centers. It caters to one core business function: data mining and data processing.
Experian Costa Rica provides support to 13 different Business Units in the company.
600 million
Experian is one of the top credit bureaus, maintaining credit information on some 600 million consumers and 60 million businesses worldwide.
Currently, the company has over 1000 employees delivering marketing, credit and consumer services, analytics and information technology.

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