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3D Printing

Additive manufacturing is moving
into the operational mainstream, one layer at a time

From the lab to the shop window:
A new dimension
of opportunity is taking shape

Additive manufacturing (often called 3D printing or 3DP) has been attracting attention for decades, but it is now firmly in the C-suite spotlight. Increasing numbers of new vendors and the evolution of the existing sub-technologies, and the development of new ones has elevated additive manufacturing from being a technology earmarked for prototyping to one that is increasingly production-ready.

Using 3D printing for prototyping yields benefits, but the real breakthrough comes when companies apply additive manufacturing for functional parts. When it comes to industry penetration, Life Sciences lead the way worldwide and Costa Rica is no exception. The increasing maturity of additive manufacturing technologies has enhanced the sector with spin-offs such as state-of-the-art implants, women healthcare and other personalized medical devices including neuromodulation or medication delivery systems which offer a clear competitive advantage.

3D printing jumpstarts opportunities for rapid prototyping, mass customization, on-demand production and long-tail support.

Market size growth

by 2025 (Markets and Markets, 2021)

Top 2

Among life sciences companies in Costa Rica (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE, 2019)

Top 3

Among manufacturing companies in Costa Rica (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE, 2019)

Innovation Output

in LATAM (WIPO, 2021)

for digital skills

Costa Rica ranks in Latin America (WEF, 2019)

3D Printing conections

Leaders in 3D Printing present in Costa Rica:



Pull manufacturing, on-demand inventories and medical devices personalization

Featured success story

MicroPort Orthopedics' designs surgical fixtures for surgery guides, tailored to each patient’s needs, used in knee and hip replacements
MicroPort Orthopedics Inc. is the sixth largest multinational producer of orthopedic products, a proud member of the MicroPort Scientific Corp.
The company delivers high quality orthopedic reconstruction products to patients and their doctors in over 60 countries, including the U.S., EMEA, Japanese and Latin American markets.
In 2014 Microport acquired the OrthoRecon business from Wright Medical Group, Inc. with Design & Engineering operations in Costa Rica.

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