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New Materials

Stone, bronze or iron ages?...
This next era is about sustainability.

Creating ecoystems for upstream innovation and circular models of value creation

Business as usual simply cannot continue. Governments and companies around the world are looking for alternative approaches to drive future growth. The circular economy is one of the few viable and scalable growth models that can radically improve resource productivity to reverse these trends. And, in the process, drive greater innovation and job creation. Better yet, it promises to transform the dynamics of competitiveness and bestow real competitive advantage to early movers.

In this new environment, the unit cost of resources becomes less of a factor because instead of using additional resources to manufacture new goods, companies and customers use what’s already in the market. Focus shifts from producing things from virgin resources to transferring existing products between users and transforming used products into new ones. Good news for you: Costa Rica holds 6% of the Earth's biodiversity and is starting to gain traction towards sustainable business models and making the world a better, greener, long-lasting place.

Top 2

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing is top among life sciences companies in Costa Rica (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE, 2019)

in-demand diploma

Technical diploma of Biotechnology among manufacturing companies in Costa Rica (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE, 2019)

Top 10
In demand careers

Materials engineering for companies in the life sciences sector (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE, 2019)

CR’s top export products

Offer the most potential for high resistance, low impact, biodegradable new materials

of the world’s biodiversity

In just 0,03% of land make a breathing lab for bio-research (UNDP, 2020)

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Going circular: From blue zones to blue serum

Featured success story

The cosmetic giant Chanel developed a new anti-aging product with ingredients that include green coffee from the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.
The Nicoya Peninsula is known as one of the world’s Blue Zones: regions with the highest concentrations of people over 100 years of age.
The Nicoyan coffee was found an ultra-pure, ultra-powerful ingredient containing 70 times more antioxidant active molecules than are found in regular coffee beans.

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