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Given the digitalisation of society, with AI and robotics leading to automation prospects, skills that are less easy to automate such as creativity become more and more valued. Creativity has become increasingly important to ensure that we harness technology and continue to work together towards a more sustainable and humane world.

Observe, explore, envision, create and reflect. Creativity needs to be nurtured in order to look at things from different perspectives, understand the limits of one's and of others' views and to help transform their ideas into innovative solutions.

Working in a stimulating environment has surely given Costa Rica’s creative industries further encouragement, in addition to injecting this creative mindset to other sectors traditionally labeled as not creative. In a country with a highly educated population and ever more sophisticated buyers, animation, gaming, fashion, design, film, high cuisine and other careers in this sector are finding fertile ground.

Cultural and Creative services exports

1st in Cultural and Creative services exports in LATAM as % of total trade, WIPO 2021

most innovative economy

3rd most innovative economy in Latin America, (WIPO 2021)

creative outputs

1st in creative outputs in Latin America (WIPO 2021)

in digital skills

1st in digital skills of its population in LATAM (WEF, 2019)

5 awards
in film "Clara Sola"

Emerging talent in the creative sphere: the film "Clara Sola" by Costa Rican filmmaker Nathalie Álvarez won 5 awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, at the Guldbagge Awards 2021

Creativity conections

Creativity Pioneers

future Thinking

Committed to innovation to drive business success

Learning has been a cornerstone of our society since 1870 when education became free and mandatory. We will continue to invest where it matters the most: our people.

We embrace challenges, learn rapidly and welcome opportunities. A nation governed in peace with a solid long-standing democracy that stands behind health, education and the pursuit of self-development.

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