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Megaminds in Megatrends will Pose the Challenge of How to Stay Relevant in Business in a Constantly Changing Global Economy

Megaminds in Megatrends will Pose the Challenge of How to Stay Relevant in Business in a Constantly Changing Global Economy

  • The second annual international fair, organized by CINDE, will bring together more than 500 people on June 1-2 in a unique opportunity to network. 
  • Global experts such as Olivia White, Henrik von Scheel, George Zarkadakis, Alex Capri, Jackie Sturm, among other global executives of Akamai, EndeavorXR, Medtronic, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Accenture, and Intel, will be participating. 
  • Agenda and tickets to the event available at
San Jose, Costa Rica. May 25. CINDE, the world’s top foreign investment promotion agency, will bring together business leaders, investors, and experts to discuss the challenge companies face to be able to innovate and successfully navigate times of crisis through more knowledge of the megatrends impacting the economy, basically in sectors such as life sciences, manufacturing, technology, and health and wellbeing. This is the slogan of the second annual 2023 Megaminds in Megatrends to take place next June 1-2 in the Costa Rican Convention Center.

The international forum has become one of the most important gatherings of the year for foreign direct investment (FDI) and an excellent opportunity to network with decision-makers, multinational firms set up in Costa Rica, and representatives of strategic CINDE partners.

“We are proud to show the world the capacity we have in Costa Rica to develop topics of global importance. This year’s Megaminds will combine keynote sessions, tracks, and other tools in areas that impact different economic sectors: how multinational companies can increase the value of their operations by being more efficient and, of course, how these types of companies, many already set up in our country, can prepare for the challenges and changes in the global economy so that they can offer better solutions to the public,” said Pilar Madrigal, Director of CINDE Investment Advisory.

Attendees will obtain first-hand inputs on the latest megatrends from 18 international experts in a unique opportunity to network and broaden perspectives on topics such as web 3.0, cybersecurity, mental health, advanced manufacturing, circular economy, metaverse, and artificial intelligence.

Megaminds in Megatrends 2023 will have the participation of prestigious experts such as Olivia White, Henrik Von Scheel, George Zarkadakis, Alex Capri, Francois Monory and Jackie Sturm.

“We live in an age of exponential change where technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Metaverse and Web3 are revolutionizing the digital economy and the way we live. I’m therefore very excited to participate in this year’s Megaminds in Megatrends conference in forward-thinking Costa Rica and have the opportunity, together with my brilliant co-panelists Amy Peck and Tony Lauro, to unpack the trends and outline practical steps for business leaders aspiring to success,” said panelist George Zarkadakis, a business leader, artificial intelligence engineer, and expert on data innovation.

Those who are interested can visit the event’s official website and purchase their tickets at

“This second annual Megaminds in Megatrends is possible thanks to CINDE’s muscle and international prestige for bringing world-class experts from both academia and business to this country and facilitating their meeting with the most dynamic sectors of the Costa Rican economy. And with this, Costa Rica takes a leading role in tackling global changes, while its innovation and proven experience are what enable the country to continue leading the world in attracting FDI projects,” Madrigal concluded.
CINDE is a Costa Rican agency that has been attracting foreign direct investment to Costa Rica for more than 40 years. It has a history of support for more than 400 multinational companies that have set up in Costa Rica in manufacturing, services, life sciences, and tourism infrastructure. A private, non-political agency declared of public interest, CINDE has been ranked by the International Trade Centre for five consecutive years since 2017 as the world’s top investment attraction agency.

About Megaminds in Megatrends
Megaminds in Megatrends is an international event that brings together leading business people, investors, and experts on megatrends in the global economy to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the future. The second annual event will be held in Costa Rica and is organized by CINDE, the world’s top investment promotion agency.