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The knowledge economy drives corporations to define how to operate collaborative ecosystems, with third parties and through their business units globally.

Costa Rica offers a series of talent capacities and technologies, that also integrate several stakeholders in a truly connected environment. This enables greater efficiencies and the development of more relevant solutions for their clients.

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A competitive incentive package to reach true ROI

Costa Rica's tax incentives offers a strong framework to reach ROI with transparency and equal treatment to any and all investors. Costa Rica’s Free Trade Zone Regine meet World Trade Organizations as well as OCDE standards. There is no need for negotiation on a per case basis, incentives as granted to investors that meet requirements.

In addition, entities wishing to set up operations in areas outside the Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA) can enjoy greater benefits. Display your preferred option and toggle according to your needs.

Free Trade Zone building

The Free Trade Zone Regime

The Free Trade Zone Regime is the mainstay of Costa Rica‘s export and investment promotion strategy. It is a set of incentives and benefits granted by the Costa Rican government to companies making new investments in the country and it provides tax incentives on income, imports and exports of goods among many others. This allows companies to more efficiently have access to any needed production inputs, to add specialization and value to make final products locally and finally reach end markets in an easier way.


Companies that may apply for the Free Trade Zone System Regime

  • Microchip production EXPORT SERVICES COMPANIES

    50% of services must be exported

  • Chemical equipment SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FIRMS

    Either companies or organizations


    Outside the Greater Metropolitan Area

  • Maintanance crew SIGNIFICANT SUPPLIERS

    40% of sales to FTZ companies

Discover the incentives

Costa Rica’s tax incentives and benefits are standardized. They apply to any and all companies according to their operation, so there is no need for negotiation on a per case basis.


  • Custom duties on imports/exports
  • Withholding tax on royalties and fees
  • Interest income
  • Sales tax on local purchases of goods/service
  • Stamp duty
  • Property Transfer Taxes
*NOTE: The 10 year period will start after the 3-year grace period is over or when the company starts operations, whichever comes first, but the benefit will be granted immediately upon approval of FZ Regime.


first 8 year period 100% INCOME TAX EXEMPTION
following 4 year period 50% INCOME TAX EXEMPTION
*NOTE: Manufacturing companies with an investment that exceeds US$10 million and 100 employees, established under the Free Trade Zone Regime. For smaller manufacturing operations, companies will pay a preferential 6% income tax rate for 8 years and 15% for another 4-year period (statutory income tax 30%).
In all cases, multiple additional 8-year renewals periods may be granted if significant reinvestment is made.


  • Custom duties on imports/exports
  • Withholding tax on royalties and fees
  • Interest income
  • Sales tax on local purchases of goods/service
  • Stamp duty

first 12 year period 100% INCOME TAX EXEMPTION
following 6 year period 50% INCOME TAX EXEMPTION
Companies with an investment that exceeds US$10 million and 100 employees, established under the Free Trade Zone Regime. Additional 12-year renewal may be granted if reinvestment is made (statutory income tax 30%)

the next era ofhuman capital

Costa Rica continues to strengthen its main differentiating factor in attracting foreign direct investment: human talent. Our ongoing mission is to acquire the skills for the knowledge economy and the jobs of the future.

top leading design and innovation schools

The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), recognized as one of the top leading design and innovation schools globally, established its first permanent expansion outside Europe in San Jose, Costa Rica.

learning paths developed in partnership with Coursera

Over 50 learning paths were developed in partnership with Coursera in order to impact thousands of Costa Ricans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with full scholarships providing them key tools to improve their employability profile.

people in digital employment orientation platform "Crystal Ball"

Crystal Ball, the artificial intelligence-based digital employment orientation platform, aims to impact over 30,000 Costa Ricans to help match the supply of knowledge economy jobs with the demand.

Master’s Program in Medical Devices in LATAM

The Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) and the University of Minnesota created the first of its kind Master’s Program in Medical Devices design in Latin America.

CINDE runs on going gap analysis and designs programs that contribute to the development of skills as a response to company’s transforming needs and the jobs of the future

CINDE’s collaborative work and academic partnerships in Costa Rica and abroad, aims to foster learning in a constantly changing environment, strengthening areas such as STEM, digital skills, languages, soft skills and cross-sector expertise for industry 4.0.

Future Talent

Talent Development Initiatives

Crystal Ball

Other Initiatives



The International Strategic Academic Alliance Program (ISAA) seeks to accelerate the knowledge transfer and bridge the gaps in specialized areas through alliances with international experts, institutions and organizations.

The Talent Place by CINDE

The Talent Place

An innovative web platform aimed at informing and creating awareness about areas and providing vocational orientation in line with high demand and market trends, certifications and technologies, online training and specialized tools, among others. In addition, to support the companies recruitment efforts, over 200 internships are posted in the platform on a yearly basis in high-tech areas (engineering, R&D, innovation, design, business), with a result of 30% to 40% of interns that become permanent employees.

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Género Educación Tecnología


GET is a joint strategy developed between multinationals in Costa Rica and CINDE that seeks to maximize efforts and have a higher impact on initiatives related to closing the gender gaps, improving education/specialization programs and enabling access to technology and trends.

Género Educación Tecnología

Tools For Success

Tools for Success Plus is an English and Portuguese scholarship with the objective to improve employment opportunities for Technical High School graduates by expanding their language skills.

Students must do an internship as a requirement for graduation that can be performed at the sponsoring company and become a permanent employee afterwards.

Género Educación Tecnología

Skills for Life

Strengthening and adapting people's professional profile through soft skills, English proficiency and access to information, in order to increase their employability opportunities.

S4L is part of a Public-Private Partnership, between the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, CINDE and ALIARSE, within the Bilingualism Initiative framework.

Género Educación Tecnología


CINDE Jobs is an employment community, specialized in the recruitment of multilingual and highly-skilled talent through 2 main events: CINDE Job Fair, the largest job fair in Costa Rica, and its virtual edition CINDE Job Link.

The Fair has been going on for fifteen editions in its face-to-face modality with over 12.000 participants each year, and the online fair has been organized for three years.

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shared growth through innovation

Ever more so, competition is not between companies but between who thrives in the strongest ecosystems. Costa Rica aims for cluster strategies, large networks and innovation platforms to connect multiple stakeholders across a wide ecosystem, in order to boost existing capabilities and build new growth engines.

“How can we compete globally?”, “How do we create higher impact?”, “How do we create and nurture tech-based start-ups in our local economies?” are frequent questions discussed at roundtables and conferences.

We partner with governments, national innovation agencies, multinational companies, startups, and risk capital to increase global competitiveness.



Costa Rica has over 20 years of life sciences track record, both in research and in business experience. The existence of quality infrastructure and a strong knowledge base of scientists makes Costa Rica an interesting partner. There is a skilled workforce compliant with GMP, ISO standards as well as FDA and CE-mark regulations, manufacturing from Class I to Class III MD.

We develop and ship 436 different medical devices and equipment for patient use around the world, thanks to a consolidated cluster of +70 multinational companies.

Participating companies:
Life-centered Hub

Life-centered Hub

Costa Rica is working to unlock the next level of economic transformation, building a knowledge economy where innovation, science and R&D come together as key growth drivers for long-term success.

We have positioned Costa Rica as a global life-centered hub in the life sciences sector, becoming ambassadors for wellbeing and healthy lifestyles, rooted in high-tech environments within the medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical industries

Participating companies:


CR Biomed was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals, members of the academy and representatives of the public and private sectors, in order to promote and optimize the biotechnology, medical devices and life sciences sectors in Costa Rica.

CRbiomed is a proud member of the International Council of Biotechnology Associations.

Participating companies:


"Costa Rica launched the Cybersec Cluster on August 2020, an initiative that aims to place Costa Rica as a regional and global leader in the field of digital systems' vulnerabilities and online computer breaches.

Its main purpose is to generate a common framework to promote the industry's generation of knowledge and new business models, supported by the collaboration of more than 50 organizations that foster competitiveness, investment and increasing employment opportunities.

Participating companies:


The Costa Rica Aerospace Cluster is a group composed of more than 30 companies specialized in electromechanical systems, software development, embedded software, testing, and MRO operations for over 50 years.

CRAC offers a diverse ecosystem of high value, with a deep-rooted quality culture and a growing talent base ready to join the global supply chain.

Participating companies:

Ensuring smooth entry and optimizing your supply chain

A proven partner for enterprise-wide transformation. Beyond a supplier, Costa Rica is a true value generator that integrates more and more practices and business units, ready to face the challenges of the knowledge economy.

Manufacturing Suppliers

Reduce your production costs through a higher level of especialization and flexibility, thanks to local know-how and expertise.

Access a complete set of technologically advanced providers, along with best practice sharing from innovative local companies to boost your investment in Costa Rica.

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Productive Linkages

Services Outsourcing:
Central Gate

Meet your strategic platform to connect with outsourcing experts in Costa Rica.

An innovative community of local companies in the services and IT areas which offer A-to-Z business solutions.

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Service Providers

Ensure a smooth entry to the country and count on years of experience serving Foreign Direct Investments to address all your business needs: from legal advisors to talent recruitment, environmental, construction, logistics, facilities management, and beyond. Find the right corporate partner for your needs.

We bring you a directory of companies to help you in almost all areas regarding setting a business in Costa Rica.

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The upsurge of
new business investment opportunities

In the last years, Costa Rica has transformed to become a global hub for FDI with inflows.

Discover how responsible, intelligent and specialized FDI initiatives are surging in new and less traditional locations within Costa Rica, a refreshing and inclusive vision for development.

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Yahaira Barquero

Yahaira Barquero

Strategic Alliances

hand in hand
to boost scalability and impact

Sustainable development requires inclusive partnerships and increasingly collaborative models built on shared goals and vision. These are necessary at global, regional, national, and local levels. CINDE boosts high-value strategic alliances to enhance the impact of foreign direct investment in Costa Rica.

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Learn how we do it:

Education and Human Capital Development: Government

Enhancing specialized skills development, innovation capabilities and multilingualism to strengthen the country’s capacity for growth and sophistication.

Education and Human Capital Development: NGOs & Multilateral Organizations

Achieving higher impact through networks of partners, access to funding for innovative projects execution, as well as expert knowledge around global trends, in order to develop our talent with the skills for the future and to drive greater employment.

Investment Promotion and Diversification of Investment Sectors

Focused strategies deployment and targeted tactics to spread Costa Rica’s strengths and potential for FDI. Multiplying effect on investment attraction efforts.

Information and Data Generation

Reliability of official data and stats that reflect the impacts of FDI and knowledge spillover effects in the country.

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