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RPA & Automation

Bots, algorithms and AI are reshaping
the future of corporate support functions

Better, faster, cheaper: the race for competitive advantage beyond human limits

Companies will continue to grow, and supporting functions are coming under more and more pressure to deliver value, manage complexity, and reduce cost. Many organizations have already tapped the potential of traditional levers such as centralization, offshoring, and outsourcing. To succeed, today’s leaders are turning to digital solutions and automation to improve performance and reduce costs across functions like finance, human resources, or IT.

As technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) mature, an increasing amount of the work done by people will be transferred to bots and algorithms. Our experience shows that companies following a systematic approach to tech-enabled transformation can reap substantial efficiency gains in their general and administrative (G&A) functions. The resources freed up in this way can then be deployed in more valuable activities such as business counseling and scenario analysis.

Top priority

RPA and AI for services companies (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020)

Focus on RPA

As the #1 process to increase during 2020 in their companies (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020).

adopted RPA

RPA has become a relevant digital strategy adopted by the companies for 2020 (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020).

market size growth

RPA's market size expected by 2028 (Markets and Markets, 2021)

Top 3

Automation among services companies in Costa Rica (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE, 2019)

buy RPA services

Of the customers of Costa Rican companies related to 4.0 technologies (Procomer, 2019)

for digital skills

Costa Rica ranks in Latin America (WEF, 2019)

Buy UX/UI services

Of the customers of Costa Rican companies related to 4.0 technologies (Procomer, 2019)

STEAM graduates/yr.

Of which 36% are women (CONARE, 2021)

Automation conections

Leaders in RPA & Automation present in Costa Rica:



Managing the most valuable asset you don't own: time

Featured success story

Western Union is disrupting the cross-border money transfer industry by developing new technologies fully
Western Union started operation in Costa Rica in 1998, becoming a true pioneer in Costa Rica’s technological and value added growth
Over 1300 employees are part of the Global Service Center of Excellence for the Corporation
Western Union’s site in Costa Rica serves the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, in 10 different languages.

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