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The human ability to handle adversity

Going beyond endurance to embrace adversity as a
driving force
that moves forward

Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes.

Similarly, resilience levels will determine a given organization’s ability to bounce back. Successful companies will redesign their operations and their supply chains to protect their business against a wider and more acute range of potential shocks and disruptive events.

Costa Rican companies and human talent have shown they can build resilience by improving transparency, minimizing exposure to shocks, Collaborating to make mutually beneficial decisions and building their capacity to respond.

people trained

to confront the COVID-19 crisis in industry 4.0 skills in joint program with Coursera (2020)

business impact

Resilience: Effective COVID-19 response strategy led to minimum business impact.

working from home

100% working from home: In less than 1 month, over 70.000 people in the services industry where 100% fully operational doing remote work, even under the free trade zone regime.

perceived continuity as a challenge

Business continuity was the least mentioned topic perceived as a challenge, with only 5% among surveyed companies. (KPMG Corporate Services Survey Costa Rica, 2020)

in digital skills

#1 in digital skills of the people in Latin America (WEF, 2019)


Telecommunication infrastructure provides 100% redundancy.

products sold

Proven transformation: Costa Rica went from exporting mainly four traditional products, to over 4,100 which are sold today in 151 destination countries, in just two decades (Procomer, 2021)

Resilience conections

Resilience Pioneers

future Thinking

Committed to innovation to drive business success

Learning has been a cornerstone of our society since 1870 when education became free and mandatory. We will continue to invest where it matters the most: our people.

We embrace challenges, learn rapidly and welcome opportunities. A nation governed in peace with a solid long-standing democracy that stands behind health, education and the pursuit of self-development.

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