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Skill, re-skill and upskill for a
changing workforce

Keeping up with the future of work

"Irrespective of their expected level of automation adoption, multinational companies in Costa Rica see a significant need for their workforce to upgrade their skills and continue to learn and adapt throughout their working lives. Establishing a culture of lifelong learning across most sectors has always been in the immediate agenda as the change most needed for developing the workforce of the future.

The full benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution can be realized and broadly shared only if the workforce is provided with adequate opportunities for continuous training and is fully engaged in the processes of designing and implementing exponential technologies and changing work systems.


+200 internships posted on a yearly basis in high-tech areas


are part of The Talent Place, CINDE's internship community and lifelong learning free recruitment platform

students and employees

retooled and reskilled yearly, through Skills4Life program, aimed to improve employability via technical, language and soft skills.


benefited from Tools For Success English & Portuguese scholarship during 2019, increasing availability of bilingual interns to multinational companies


offer bootcamps for other companies for knowledge transfer (Moody's Analytics, P&G and Boston Scientific)

Over 5
industry clusters

and 5 working groups involving triple helix organization models with MNC's, government and academia towards open innovation and best practice sharing

$2 million

through Future Up CINDE's artificial intelligence-based digital employment orientation platform to predict and recommend lifelong learning paths to impact 50,000+ users

people trained

over the last 4 years in specialized contents such as Innovation, Interaction design, Medical devices, Cybersecurity, and Leadership through CINDE’s International Strategic Academic Alliance program, with international universities

Lifelong Learning conections

Lifelong Learning Pioneers

future Thinking

Committed to innovation to drive business success

Learning has been a cornerstone of our society since 1870 when education became free and mandatory. We will continue to invest where it matters the most: our people.

We embrace challenges, learn rapidly and welcome opportunities. A nation governed in peace with a solid long-standing democracy that stands behind health, education and the pursuit of self-development.

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