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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been embraced by a vast majority of business leaders as a powerful force for building value—in terms of business returns and social impact. AI not only presents unprecedented opportunities for value creation, but also daunting challenges for executives and managers. It will force them to reconsider their own roles and redefine the fundamental operating principles currently guiding their organizations. Division of labor will change, and collaboration among humans and machines will increase. Companies will have to adapt their training, performance and talent acquisition strategies to account for a newfound emphasis on work that hinges on human judgment and skills, including experimentation and collaboration.

By 2025, artificial intelligence (AI) will become mainstream. But unlike prior waves of new technology—which have largely disrupted blue collar and service jobs—recent advancements in AI will affect all levels of management, from the C-suite to the front line. Picture an organization where AI automates scheduling, resource allocation and reporting—taking administrative and time-consuming tasks off managers’ shoulders. Imagine what AI-assisted analytics, simulation and hypothesis testing can do for decision making, strategy and innovation throughout the enterprise.

in digital skills

Of its population in regards to Artificial Intelligence readiness, in LATAM (Microsoft - DuckerFrontier, Impact of AI in Labor Market in Latin America. Costa Rica Report)

Plan to invest in AI

Polled companies where planning to invest as part of their digital strategy for 2020 (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020).

Of surveyed companies

Are investing in machine learning (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020).

Implement AI

Companies have started to implement AI within their organizations (KPMG Corporate Services Costa Rica, 2020).

Top 5

AI/Machine Learning among life sciences companies in Costa Rica (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE, 2019)

Buy machine learning services

Customers of Costa Rican companies related to 4.0 technologies (Procomer, 2019)

for digital skills

Costa Rica ranks in Latin America (WEF, 2019)

in programming skills

in Latin America and #27 worldwide (Coursera, 2019)

AI conections

Leaders in AI & Machine Learning present in Costa Rica:



AI’s transformative potential is real and within reach. Today.

Featured success story

HP Enterprise has realized the value of artificial intelligence in the approach to create new application experiences, and achieve breakthrough innovations.
The company established in Costa Rica in 2003, becoming a digital tech pioneer in the country
HP Enterprise employs over 1100 people in the Costa Rican Business units: R&D, Global Operations, Pointnext Technology Services and Finance
4 out of 10
The company has a strong advocacy in gender parity, currently in the Costa Rican operation 4 of each 10 employees are women

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