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Internet of Things

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The future of consumer adoption

The Internet of Things is experiencing exponential growth fueled by decreasing costs in computing (especially sensors, bandwidth and processing), the proliferation of smartphones, ubiquitous connectivity, and the rise of cloud computing, evidence of its expanding use abounds.

IoT not only provides opportunities for organizations to improve operational efficiency, it also offers rich potential for those that make equipment and products to introduce new digital products and services—thus creating entirely new sources of revenue.

Of adoption

IoT is the third most common 4.0 technology leveraged by Costa Rican ICT companies (Procomer, 2019)

$4/$11 trillion
Economic impact

IoT will have an economic impact by 2025 (McKinsey's Global Institute, 2015).

Future potential

In the industry's 4.0 technology in Costa Rica (Procomer, 2019)

Market size growth

Into 2025 (Markets and Markets, 2019)

For IoT implementation readiness

Costa Rica's rank in Latin America (Deloitte, 2018)

Top 4

Among life sciences companies in Costa Rica (Vital Statistics Survey, CINDE, 2019)

Buy UX/UI services

Of the customers of Costa Rican companies related to 4.0 technologies (Procomer, 2019)

for digital skills

Costa Rica ranks in Latin America (WEF, 2019)

IoT conections

Leaders in Internet of Things present in Costa Rica:



Embedding tech for customer visualization and product traceability

Featured success story

A start-up company involved in the design, manufacturing and marketing of aesthetic breast implants developed an integrated chip to read, trace and extract detailed patient and product features within the device. It has built a partnership with Intel Megalab to launch a new scanner for personalized devices.
Establishment Lab’s products are sold in more than 80 countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, among others.
In 2016, the company inaugurated the Advanced Silicone Technologies Center that integrates research, development, and innovation (RDI) laboratory and manufacturing facilities.
The innovative Costa Rican company created a 12-mm sized chip placed within the implant, to read, trace and extract detailed patient and product features.

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