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PLACA is a world-class real estate project under the concept of Multimodal Logistics Platform, which is located in Limón, Costa Rica. PLACA offers industrial warehouses and offices for the storage, handling, transformation and manufacture of all types of dry or cold products under the Logistics Park and Free Zone regime, with the option of expanding to Fiscal Warehouse and Logistics Services. 
PLACA strategically offers a comprehensive solution for companies that require a mixed logistics center allowing them to optimize their logistics, transportation and production costs by consolidating and bringing in one place their operation or part of it just 5 minutes from the country's highest cargo transfer port, APM Terminals.

Competitiveness and Logistics Synergies

  • Multimodal Logistics: PLACA offers a multimodal connection by land, sea, rail and air, becoming the Multimodal Logistics Platform of Costa Rica for the rest of the world.
  • Storage and Production Systems: PLACA has industrial warehouses for the storage, handling, processing and manufacture of dry and cold products.
  • Customs Regimes: PLACA is designed as a mixed logistics center for the management of local or imported raw materials in Industrial Park and finished products or for processing into Fiscal Warehouse, Free Zone and Logistics Services regimes.
  • High Technology and Security: PLACA has high-tech BMS and state-of-the-art fiber optic data integration systems, telecommunications redundancy, IP Telephone Power Stations for Communications, VPN and MPLS platforms for megadata, among others.
  • Safety: private industrial condominium safety with physical security, restricted access control with Quick Pass and closed-circuit monitoring systems (CCTV).
  • Comfort and Facilities: PLACA offers great comfort to its users by having a Corporate Office Center, Terrace for Events, Virtual Rooms for meetings and trainings, condominiums, executive hotel apart, heliport, food court, rent a car and large parking lots, among others.
  • Environment: PLACA protects the environment and incorporates in the design planned for the management of waste and industrial treatment plant, use of solar panels, among others

Strategic Location
PLACA is located in Limón Costa Rica, considered the gateway to world trade in the country and the region. In an interconnection radius of 5 km, PLACA strategically connects with Route 32 (San José – Limón road), the mega port APM Terminals, the next Electric Cargo Train (TELCA) and the next Caribbean International Cargo and Passenger Airport in Siquirres, Limón. 
The multimodal connection by land, sea, rail and air makes PLACA the Multimodal Logistics Platform of Costa Rica to the rest of the world, with proximity to the rest of Central America's ports by land, Miami and the Caribbean by sea.

  • Total development includes a total area of 282,505 m2 | 28.25 hectares | 69.8 acres.
  • In Industrial Park there are 14 lots for dry product and 9 lots for cold product for an area of 37,168 m2 | 3.71 hectares | 9.18 acres.
  • In Free Trade Zone 10 lots are provided for production, processing, storage for all types of products for an area of 142,000 m2 | 14.2 hectares | 35.0 acres.
  • The Corporate Center and Commercial Zones include 9 levels of construction.

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Park Features

PLACA is Costa Rica's first Precision Agriculture Technology City, with world-class technologies for total traceability and 360° visibility. Through alliances, PLACA offers the service to its customers for the construction of thematic maps with drones, spectral libraries, stoometric mixes on site, data center for image registration, software design for Machine Control in equipment such as agricultural tractors and earth machining.