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Costa Rica Green Valley

Costa Rica Green Valley is a mixed-use project in Grecia, Costa Rica which is comprised by Industrial, Corporate, Commercial, Hospitality, Academia, and Residential components. Grecia Free Zone is part of Costa Rica Green Valley and is the first and only Industrial Free Trade Zone in the country that is being developed as part of a mixed-use project. The park is being developed by Portafolio Inmobiliario and it was conceived under a unique, sustainable, innovative, and differentiated model, which contemplates an ideal space focused on attracting leading global advanced manufacturing companies with a technological and innovation focus.

In CR Green Valley you will get a competitive advantage and excellent conditions such as:

Location: Grecia, Costa Rica. Place with a human development index above the world´s average. Recognized by the talent of its people, its natural attractions and its privileged climate.

Human Capital: Top and engaged talent available with competitive skills and wide services and industrialized capabilities

Public Transportation: Wide network of direct routes between and within the cities nearby, that allows the dynamic transfer of collaborators, as well as raw materials and finished products to export destinations.

Strategic Alliances: Links between government, academia and the private sector that ensures the possibility of establishing your operations quickly and successfully in the country.

Redundant Systems: Water, energy, and telecommunications systems with the highest international standards, and fed from different sources to ensure the continuity of the operations

Park Features
  • Free Trade Zone located outside of Great Metropolitan Area
  • Greater Tax Incentives
  • First Free Trade Zone inside a Mixed Use Project
  • Location - Easy Access
  • Privileged Climate
  • Top Talent in the Region
  • Electric/Power availability (3 sources)
  • Internet availability (2 sources)
  • Water availability (3 sources)
  • Involvement of Local Government
  • Public transportation available
  • Unique amenities
  • Sustainable and Innovative Project