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La Ribera Business Hub

LA RIBERA BUSINESS HUB is an A+ Project, global and with wide possibility for expansion. Our first building is 100% under the Free Trade Zone Regime.

The design of La Ribera Business Hub encourages companies to achieve their goals. 

Main Features:

  • Master plan of 120,000 sqm
  • Footprint: spaces from 150 sqm to complete floors of 4,300 sqm
  • LEED Gold Certified, by US Green Building Council
The complex was conceptualized to meet the highest standards of quality, safety, support, efficiency, that multinational companies require. In addition, it focuses on achieving sustainable goals in harmony with the environment, as well as in efficiency and consumption, saving water, energy and time.

Being LEED Gold Certified and having leasable spaces from 4,300 sqm contribute to efficiency, security, and functionality. The open-concept design reinforces collaboration and productivity.

Our real estate proposal promotes universal accessibility, non-motorized mobility and recreational spaces. 

Operational Savings:

  • 40% lower energy cost
  • 35% less water usage
  • 100% savings in irrigation water
  • 35% lower CO₂ emissions
  • 50% lower waste during construction
  • 50% lower waste during operation

LA RIBERA Business Hub's developer has ample experience in the industry, with more than 3,5 million sq ft developed and more than $0.7 billon USD in assets under management in strategic locations and industries. 




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Park Features


  • Floorplan: from 150m2 to 4,300 m2
  • Total rentable area: +26,000 m2
  • Total construction: 51,000 m2
  • Elevators: 6 Schindler elevators: All from parking levels to upper floors

Technical features

  • Provisions are in place in each suite for Tenants to install the VRF or VRV system according to their preference. Back-up generator for all common and private areas.
  • Full compliance with NFPA and local legislation. Fire detection system with planned evacuation routes.


  • All accesses controlled by magnetic cards.
  • Smoke detection systems and suppression sprinklers.
  • Signal evacuation routes.
  • CCTV considered for monitoring all entrances and exits.
  • Security guards at all building´s access points.


  • Dual grids have access to the building through underground transmission cables.
  • Electricity is provided by CNFL, the national electrical company.
  • Building A is powered by the Belen Power Substation.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant.