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El Roble Industrial - Logistics Zone (RILZ)

El Roble Industrial/ Logistics Zone is a project managed by Nexo Desarrollos. It benefits from its strategic location and key attributes, which makes this location a perfect fit for many businesses within the industrial/logistics sector.  Its short distance from Caldera Port, and central location (mid-point from North and South national borders), gives this location excellent access to trade from/to Latin America, Asia and the US.

RILZ offers flexible size lots, from 1 ha (2.5 ac) to +50 ha (+125 ac), as well as additional land for future expansion.  Today, el Roble District hosts important local and international Logistics, Industrial, Agribusiness and Service companies.

Its strategic location provides another considerable advantage: immediate access to skilled labor in the Puntarenas area: within a 15 kilometer radius, there are more than 115,000 inhabitants, out of which, 60% are part of the economically active population (EAP) and live within three kilometers of the project site.

El Roble area, has broad access to service providers, as well as public transportation. Due to its fairly flat topography, El Roble simplifies transportation by non-polluting means such as bicycles, which are used by a significant percentage of the workforce.

Distance from: Inter-American Highway (2.5 Km), Port of Caldera (10Km), Downtown Puntarenas (12 Km), San José International Airport (60min), Liberia International Airport (120min).

Park Features

El Roble has top quality electrical service as well as data/Internet/telephone services, both delivered by ICE. Fresh water is provided AYA.