Invest with Purpose

Free Zones

Centro de Innovación y Tecnología de Occidente CITECO

We are the Center for Innovation and Technology of Western Costa Rica (CITECO).

We offer our clients the opportunity to create and innovate in a space tailored to their needs, both for Services and Manufacturing, and with ample opportunity for growth. CITECO has a 28,000m2 property in which there is already an industrial warehouse and office area where a textile industry plant previously operated under a free trade zone regime.

The warehouse area measures 6,500m2, is 8 meters high and has 7 platforms for loading and unloading. The office area measures 400m2. Currently there is a free area usable as a parking lot of 14,000m2, which could become an area for new buildings in the future.

We are located next to the INA of San Ramón, on Route 1, 41.4km from the Juan Santamaría Airport and 47.6km from the Port of Caldera. CITECO receives electricity from ICE through 2 separate substations with three-phase capacity, and also has its own backup power plant. 

The property receives water from AyA but has its own two wells with a capacity of 12 liters per second each, and a 250m3 collection tank, in addition to its own water treatment plant. 

The property can be submitted to the Free Zone Regime at the request of the client. Power supply from 2 different substations, space subject to allocation to RZF according to customer requirements.

Park Features

• Existing building for immediate occupancy (manufacturing or services)

• Infrastructure and public services ready to operate

• Ample room for growth

• Ease of access from Route 1

• Location in the largest and most populous city in the West

• Free Zone Regime with special benefits for being located outside GAM