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Free Zones

Bufalo Logistic Park

Bufalo Logistic Park is a multipurpose, industrial, and logistic complex, with Tax Free zone capabilities, in the Province of Limon, on the Caribbean shore of the country.
Built on a 50 Hectares property, the park comprises 34 Ha of industrial purpose parcels, 14 of them within the tax-free zone. This zone is divided into 20 Plots with areas between 2900 sqmt to 10,000 sqmt. 
The other 20 Ha are divided into 32 plots in a similar range of areas. All parcels are completely flat, with a very high rate of use.
We can offer industrial lots of land or completely built properties according to our standard designs or to specifications.
The compound has an additional 16 Ha commercial area, planned to hold a shopping mall, Hotel, office buildings as well as a residential area.
The park is located along Ruta 32, the main road that connects the province of Limon with the rest of the country and is the main artery for all the cargo Traffic from and to Ciudad Limon, which serves all maritime markets on the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic destinations.
Limón has developed in recent years a modern and highly efficient port infrastructure, which makes it an extremely attractive place for manufacturing and distribution operations. Across Limon ports passes nearly 80% of the international commerce of Costa Rica.
Limon is also in a regional zone, where ample and attractive fiscal benefits are awarded to companies which settle there.
The park has received all local and national authority permits, allowing us to build industrial and logistics buildings with a large variety of specifications based on the customers’ needs.
Bufalo Logistic Park is a one-of-a-kind development that will shortly become a reference model for efficient and comfortable industrial developments.

Park Features

There is an extensive list of advantages operating within Bufalo Logistic Park, a few of them are:


  • Industrial or logistics, one of a kind modern complex for your operations.
  • Comfortable and pleasant urbanism with carefully designed access and internal mobility.
  • All services in place: Water, communications, Electricity, Sewer, waste management.
  • Closed community with security 24/7 and access control for further protection of your assets.
  • Protected environment to guarantee the value of your investment, on a well-designed and maintained center of business area.
  • Located right  on the main highway to the city of San Jose, and only at 9 km from the main ports of the Region (Moin and APM Terminals). Direct exit to the Highway from the compound.
  • Several sizes on lots to choose, From 2500 Sq Mt up to 10.000 Sq Mts. Other sizes could be arranged.
  • Lots are 100% flat, with a high level of usage.
  • Option to acquire land plot, or fully built edification according to the customer’s need.
  • Several design and sizes of modular buildings have been predesigned according to Costa Rica, and local laws and codes, reducing greatly the time and procedures, therefore the cost, required before even starting the construction.
  • All local and national government permits have already been awarded to the development, which means saving a lot of time in the process of starting operations in the region, compared to other alternatives.
  • For companies that are considering a Free zone operation scheme, Costa Rica has one of the most advanced regimes on the region. Custom taxes as well as income and sale taxes exceptions are part of the actual legislation, based on the type of business and certain conditions are met.
  • The free zone of Bufalo Logistic Park, and as specified by law, allow all the operators to make their custom processes at the inhouse compound offices, expediting greatly the import and export processes and reducing costs at port time expenses.
  • For manufacturing, assembly and distribution operations, being in the Free zone is an extremely highly competitive advantage, without the important investment that is being required by other legislations in the region.
  • Single Window attention for all processes required to open and operate within the Free zone area.
  • Reduction of the Initial investment required from 500.000 US$ to 250.000US$
  • Certificates and sanitary permits in only 5 days.
  • Temporary Exemption and reduction of personnel social costs to employees.
  • Increased number of categories of industry sectors allowed to operate within the free zone area: Human Health, Agricultural supplies, Scientific and investigation are some examples of this.


  • The province of Limon, has a very special place in the economy of Costa Rica, being the main route for the international commerce of the country. As well as holding the Main Country refinery and a good portion of the agricultural sector.
  • Is located on a high interest economic zone, which means very attractive tax incentives to companies that settle in the area.
  • Population of Limon has a very high education level, with an interesting offer of personnel at all levels of the work specialties and professional disciplines.
  • The infrastructure in port facilities in Limon is the most developed in the region. Port of Moin and APM Terminal’s port, both offer highly equipped facilities, as well as a varied offering in destinations and frequencies, for most of the main markets worldwide.
  • The closeness to Panama Canal makes Costa Rica an excellent alternative for operations of logistic and distribution.
  • Puerto Caldera, located in the Pacific Ocean Shore of Costa Rica, is just a few hours away from Limon, giving this an interesting alternative to any operation, to reach both coast in the continent in a very agile way.
  • Limon is located aprox. at 150 Kms from the capital of Costa Rica. By car this means a 2:30 Hours trip. Which makes it conveniently near.
  • Limon has a developed infrastructure, that holds branches of the most important branches of financial services, Public and private medical facilities; a very well-developed communication infrastructure and an important variety of suppliers in every sector of the economy.