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Ticos will be able to enjoy a unique opportunity to certify skills in high labor demand with Coursera

Ticos will be able to enjoy a unique opportunity to certify skills in high labor demand with Coursera

  • Opportunity provides 2 months of virtual training authored by top universities and companies such as Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Imperial College London, Google, IBM, among others.
  • The initiative reaches the country thanks to Future Up, a platform that identifies training opportunities to acquire the skills in greatest demand in 2023.
San José, Costa Rica, June 27, 2023. Future Up, a technology platform, and Coursera, the global online learning platform, partner to provide affordable access to high-demand skills and credentials on the Coursera platform. This alliance will allow up to 3,500 people to earn an unlimited number of certificates on the platform for two months for a single cost of $60. 

This alliance aims to enable Costa Ricans to acquire relevant skills for the global market and increase their opportunities to access high-quality formal jobs. Coursera offers more than 5,500 courses and 3,400 guided projects from over 300 world-class universities and companies including Yale University, Stanford University, Google, and Microsoft. Future Up is a platform that recommends learning routes based on the user's profile.

“Through this initiative, the Costa Rican workforce can develop the industry skills and credentials needed to unlock new job opportunities and advance their careers in the modern labor market, whether those roles are with local or global employers. We’re excited to expand our initiative with CINDE to welcome Future Up, which will further strengthen our efforts in developing the next generation of skilled professionals and driving economic growth in the region," said Nicole Amaral, Skills Transformation and Solutions Leader for Latin America at Coursera.

Future Up is a platform that recommends learning routes, according to the profile of people. The search engine works from the information provided by users, so its possibilities will improve as more users register and integrate data about their interests and tastes. Through this platform, users will be able to find out what skills they must develop to be trained on platforms such as Coursera.

Coursera's recent report "The Job Skills of 2023" identified the skills with the greatest labor demand in the region, including data visualization, user experience design, leadership to manage change in work teams, communication, and storytelling. More than 40 technical skills and abilities were also identified as having the greatest potential for employability by multinational companies operating in Costa Rica.

The initiative also provides access to over 30 entry-level Professional Certificates on Coursera, which are designed to prepare learners with no college degree or prior work experience for entry-level digital jobs in roughly six months. These industry micro-credentials, created by leading companies including Google, IBM, Meta, and Salesforce, equip learners for careers in in-demand fields such as cybersecurity, UX design, software development, and sales. 

According to Marcos Solano, the Future Up Project Manager, “companies are looking for individuals who are willing to continue learning and updating their skills. Future Up's mission is to guide users to match their interests with fast, flexible, and affordable training opportunities to obtain the knowledge and skills that multinational companies seek in Costa Rica”.

In addition, Solano added, "this Coursera partnership is a unique opportunity of its kind, enabled for Costa Rica, in order for thousands of people to acquire world class training in languages, data science, programming, technology design, project management, negotiation, marketing and much more”.

For more information, people can visit Future Up's social networks on Facebook as Future Up Costa Rica or on Instagram as @_futureupcr. Those who are interested can also access the benefit of these licenses through the following link:

To access the benefit of these licenses, people can visit Future Up's social networks on Facebook and Instagram or access the link provided.