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Gensler Announces New Positions Amidst Costa Rican Growth

Gensler Announces New Positions Amidst Costa Rican Growth

  • The company is hiring staff as a result of demand from new projects.
  • From its Costa Rican operations, the company designs projects for important clients in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

San Jose, Costa Rica. Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Gensler, the world's largest architectural firm, will hire more staff for its offices in Costa Rica. Between now and June, the firm plans to onboard 30 new hires, who will join another 14 who were hired by March of this year.

New employees will immediately begin working on a range of diverse and challenging projects, from the design of new cities to renovations at two of New York's major airports.

Gensler Costa Rica currently employs more than 150 professionals who work in design processes for the firm’s important clients, which are located throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Christine Durman, Co-Director of Gensler Costa Rica, commented, “The pandemic hit many of the industries we serve, such as tourism, commerce, and corporate offices, at both the local and global levels. This had a strong impact on our operations in Costa Rica. However, the world is now ready to reconnect, and we have to anticipate.”

The warmth and quality of Costa Rican talent and the country’s proximity to the United States, as well its positioning as an easy point of connection with the rest of Latin America, have made Costa Rica an ideal place for Gensler to continue its growth.

Andrés Valenciano, Minister of Foreign Trade, stated: “The Gensler company’s growth in Costa Rica demonstrates that they have found, in Costa Ricans, the talent and professional skills required to provide complex, sophisticated, and high value-added services from Costa Rica to the rest of the world. In addition, this is a clear example of how our service sector continues to grow and acts as an important component of our economy. As representatives of Costa Rica’s Central Government, we happily receive this news and wish Gensler the greatest of successes."

When asked about the new opportunities ahead, Jessica García, Co-Director of Gensler Costa Rica, added, “We are extremely excited about this new stage; it is both a great relief and a challenge, as we are seeing demand grow rapidly. We know that Costa Rica has a highly qualified population that we want to continue leveraging.”

Likewise, Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, added: “We celebrate Gensler's growth in Costa Rica. Designs made at the hands of our local human talent are part of the intensive knowledge services that Costa Rica exports to the world. By the close of 2020, this sector had reached US $5 billion in exports, despite the effects of the pandemic. In the last two decades, it has shown a sustained growth of 17% per year. Through Gensler, Costa Rican talent can showcase our creativity and innovation, integrating key Industry 4.0 skills that set Costa Rica apart in our ability to design unique experiences for highly competitive clients”.

Gensler's Costa Rican offices are located in Avenida Escazú and are LEED (R) Platinum certified, the highest distinction in sustainable design. The firm has spaces that celebrate the culture of creativity, while promoting well-being and a connection with nature. Its spacious terraces, organic garden, and flexible collaborative spaces provide their employees with a secure place to work.

Gensler points out that new ways of working, living, and playing will lead cities to promote a more resilient infrastructure, placing the human experience as a focal point, in order to create projects that promote collective well-being.


Today, the company employs multi-cultural staff from ten countries; they have chosen Costa Rica, thanks to the country’s important support ecosystem in health, education, and nature issues, making this an ideal place to live.

Requirements. Most of Gensler’s upcoming positions will look to hire architectural professionals with 1-3 years of experience in support positions for BIM documentation, as well as in preparation processes for design presentations; the company will also be hiring professionals with 5-7 years of experience in architectural projects and construction for advanced model coordination.

An intermediate command of English (B2 or above) is preferred for all positions, as is advanced knowledge of the Autodesk Revit platform.

Interested applicants should review application steps at this link and send their résumés and portfolios to Alternately, interested parties may visit this link to find out  more about available positions; just type "Costa Rica" into the search option.