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Critical Mass will expand services and train talent in Costa Rica

Critical Mass will expand services and train talent in Costa Rica

  • This increase takes place thanks to integration with the Costa Rican company The Hangar Interactive.
  • The company is seeking to add services to its business such as design and animation, 3D, e-commerce, audiovisual post-production, creative automation, and others.
Costa Rica, September 30, 2022. Critical Mass, a Canadian company focused on digital experiences, will strengthen its global operations by integrating with the Costa Rican production agency The Hangar Interactive. Through this growth, the company seeks to consolidate in the Latin American market and position itself as a benchmark, thanks to its service offer. 
In 2008, Critical Mass founded The Hangar Interactive in the country as an independent agency. The success and experience achieved by this agency helped Critical Mass see the local talent potential along with the Latin American market accessibility from Costa Rica. This has led the company to make the decision to integrate and consolidate itself into a single company, with a new division for Latin America. Costa Rica becomes the pioneer country for the new project, Critical Mass (CM) Latam, bringing experience and knowledge in the creative and technological area to the region. 
“As Latin American consumer habits start changing, the brands need to consider how to create an accrued experience with the customer, using different channels, devices, frontiers, and time, and Critical Mass is firmly positioned to be the global and regional partner that provides universal programs and local experiences,” said Jaime Escobar, the Executive Vice-President of CM Latam.
According to Jaime Escobar, “this integration opens up a world of possibilities. We will work from the office in Costa Rica in synergy with our counterparts in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other regions where the company operates. In this new stage, we will evolve from being a digital production company into also including strategic services within our new offer: 3D design and animation, e-commerce, audiovisual post-production, creative automation, among others.”
Critical Mass has been characterized throughout the world for providing high-quality digital experiences to its clients, among which such important companies as Apple, Nike, BMW, AirBnB, Marriott, Johnson & Johnson, Citi, and DirectTV stand out.
Manuel Tovar, the Minister of Foreign Trade, stated that “Costa Rica offers an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is suitable for designing customized and innovative solutions, two ingredients the creative industry needs to thrive. The expansion of Critical Mass will create quality jobs for Costa Rican talent in the areas of web development, project management, and data analysis. Plus, it reinforces Costa Rica’s strategic position as an ideal destination for generating services applied to knowledge.”
Jorge Sequeira, the Managing Director of CINDE, added “Costa Ricans have been able to develop a series of digital skills that are in high demand in creative industries such as digital marketing, design, videogame production, and animation. Critical Mass specifically belongs to this sector which, from our country and hand-in-hand with our people, develop advertising and marketing campaigns for international class brands.”

Opportunities for Costa Rican Talent
Currently, Critical Mass has some 40 positions open in Latin America and means to hire these employees in Costa Rica. These positions are available for profiles such as: back-end, front-end, full-stack, and Java web developers (senior, intermediate, and junior level), project management professionals, software quality control specialists, UX/UI designers, visual and production designers, and specialists in data analysis (Marketing Science). 
“Part of our strategy is to develop people, not just hire people,” commented Andrea Ugalde, the Talent Vice-President for CM LATAM. “Given the global situation where there is a need for hiring professionals in the area of digital experience creation, we firmly believe in fostering training and development for people so they are able to be successful in this field, which right now is booming.”
The benefits that this company offers include: flexible scheduling, telecommuting, private medical insurance, and educational opportunities. Those  interested may find more information about the available positions at this site:
Its announcement about growth in Costa Rica occurred during the visit by two Critical Mass global directors, who participated in the country in a series of activities and discussions organized by the company. Various organizations participated in these encounters, such as educational institutions and intended to empower the synergies for developing skills in the country. 
About Critical Mass
Critical Mass ( assists leading global companies to use digital media to create extraordinary experiences – experiences that bring about creative thinking, intelligent ideas, and emerging technologies to direct our clients’ businesses. Critical Mass, a prize-winning agency and continually acknowledged as a leader in the digital marketing area, operates around the world from offices in Calgary, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Nashville, London, Amsterdam, and Costa Rica. Critical Mass is a part of Diversified Agency Services, a division of Omnicom Group Inc.