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Life Sciences Sector

Latin America's leading

Med Tech hub

Home to 6 of the top 20 largest
medical device companies in the world

Your entire operation in one country

Costa Rica delivers on a wide range of highly complex and sophisticated processes. These are a few of the business endeavours we are able to call our day-jobs:

Research Institutions
  • R&D services and products on biotechnology fields
  • Antivenom snake serum banks
  • Advisory services to public health stakeholders
  • Research and biodiversity bioprospection management
  • R&D services in the fields of molecular biology, cell culture, and bioprocessing
  • Developing and promotion of scientific research and teaching of cellular and molecular biology through a multidisciplinary approach
  • Biological testing of possible mechanisms of action of chemical substances, biological, biotechnological of human and animal consumption
Interinstitutional Collaboration
  • Groups of researchers who work in hospitals and universities in order to carry out clinical trials and field studies.
  • A human tissue culture laboratory for the development of burns therapies and healing of wounds
  • Multidisciplinary team of experts in electronics, biomedicine, biotechnology, materials and agriculture or environmental applications
Research Programs
  • Biopharmaceutical company dedicated to marine-origin drug discovery, development and production for advancing cancer treatment
  • BioEngineering program ITCR
Ethics Committees
  • UCR
  • ICIC

The Life Sciences sector in Costa Rica has experienced a remarkable transformation, positioning the country as a key hub for multinational companies to export complex products from Class I to Class III devices and implement efficiency-focused strategies.

As leading companies started to increase sophistication of their product lines, exports began to intensify with instruments production, and later continued their growth with the introduction of therapeutic devices. Multidivisional firms with even more complex product lines also fund a key opportunity and established operations in Costa Rica. Since then, a local talent’s culture of quality has helped manufacturers to meet and fulfill performance metrics including FDA, TÜV, ANVISA and other international regulatory body requirements. The country continues to grow and foster a robust Life Sciences ecosystem with forward and backward linkages to boost capabilities.

  • Administration
  • Order processing
  • Packaging
  • Quality Assurance
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
Main companies:
  • Allergan
  • ICU Medical
  • Vention Medical
  • Dry Heat
  • E-Beam
  • EtO
  • Chemical
Main companies:
  • Allergan
  • Baxter
  • St. Jude Medical
  • Volcano
  • Bidding
  • Procurement-to-pay
  • Purchasing
  • Suppliers
  • auditing & validation
Main companies:
  • Abbott Vascular
  • ICU Medical
  • Moog Medical
Manufacturing &
  • Machining & Tooling
  • Manual through fully automated assembly
  • Plastic & Silicone Molding
  • Silicone & Plastic Extrusion
  • Stamping
  • Tipping
Main companies:
  • Allergan
  • Baxter
  • Boston Scientific
  • ICU Medical
  • MicroVention
  • St. Jude Medical
Product & Process
Design & Engineering
  • Product Design, Verification & Validation
  • Process Design, Verification & Validation
  • Automation
  • Protocol Validation & Verification
  • Regulatory submission and documentation
Main companies:
  • Align Technologies
  • Establishment Labs.
  • MicroPort
  • Wright Medical
Research &
  • Prototyping
  • Sustaining R&D
  • Modeling & Simulation
Main companies:
  • Allergan
  • Boston Scientific
  • Establishment Labs.
  • NDC
Shared Service
& Back Office
  • Forecasting
  • Payroll
  • Planning
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable, Invoicing & Collections
Main companies:
  • Baxter Americas
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Vention Medical
(Human and Veterinary)
  • Creams
  • Granuling
  • Capsules
  • Liquids
  • Suppositories
  • Injectables
  • Cosmetics products
  • Natural products
  • Oftalmic solutions
  • Veterinary products
  • Effervescent solutions
  • Screening test for cervical cancer
  • Solid and semisolid tablets
  • Food products (human and veterinary)
Main companies:
  • GSK
  • Laboratorios Gutis
  • Raven
  • Stein
  • Drugstore
  • Cosmetics products
  • Medical equipment
  • Veterinary products
  • Personal care products
  • Food products
    (human and veterinary)
  • Pharmaceutical products
    (human and veterinary)
Main companies:
  • Medipharma
  • CEFA
  • R&D for drugs
  • Analysis of raw materials and products
  • Stability analysis
  • Quality control
Main companies:
  • Calox
  • Chemo
  • Trisan
  • Envelopes packaging
  • Secondary packaging
  • Blister pack
Main companies:
  • Laboratorios Lisan
  • Calox
  • Raven
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Medical visits
  • Support in Regulatory Affairs of medicines for human and veterinay use
  • Representation of international manufacturers
Main companies:
  • Farmanova
  • Trisan
Regional Branches
& Shared Services
  • Regional offices
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Online support
  • Customer support
Main companies:
  • Baxter
  • Bayer
  • GSK
  • Pfizer

We have a few stories to tell you listen to what others have to say

Fullfilling the Life Sciences Sector’s

needs before they even happen

Here are more reasons why we've become the leading destination for MedTech

  • paradise of biodiversity

    5% of the world’s biodiversity and 3.5% of marine known species around the world.

  • Leaders in scientific research

    #1 in quality of scientific research institutions in Latin America with 32 institutions and over 3,800 researchers.

  • biodiversity stats

    3.6 million geo-referenced and databased specimens of plants, funghi, bacteria, arthropods. 28,443 identified species.

  • fostering research

    80% of life sciences research is produced by public universities.

  • pharmaceutical market share

    90% of the market is purchased by the Social Security System and national hospitals.

    10% remaining is private.

  • Pharmaceutical Exports

    2% diagnostic, regents & vaccines

    41% Antiserum

    57% Pharmaceuticals

  • pharmaceutical industry size

    3,500+ direct employees

    25+ importers & distributors

    30+ registered manufacturing laboratories

    10+ animal health manufacturing companies

We are the best choice in the region Find out why

Life Sciences Sector executive contacts