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The most competitive
tax incentives

The Free Trade Zone Regime is the mainstay of Costa Rica‘s export and investment promotion strategy. It is a set of incentives and benefits granted by the Costa Rican government to companies making new investments in the country and it provides tax incentives.

Companies that may apply for the Free Trade Zone System Regime:


50% of services must be exported

research firms

Either companies or organizations

Strategic sectors or companies

Outside the Geater Metropolitan Area


40% of sales to FTZ companies

List of incentives granted:

Costa Rica´s tax incentives and benefits are standardized. They apply to any and all companies according to their operation, so there is no need for negotiation on a per case basis. In addition, entities wishing to set up operations in areas outside the Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA) can enjoy greater benefits. Discover the option according to your needs.

All Sectors:


No expiration period

  • Custom duties on imports/exports
  • Withholding tax on royalties and fees
  • Interest income
  • Sales tax on local purchases of goods/service
  • Stamp duty

10 year period*

  • Property Transfer Taxes

*NOTE: The 10 year period will start after the 3-year grace period is over or when the company starts operations, whichever comes first, but the benefit will be granted immediately upon approval of FZ Regime.


*NOTE: Manufacturing companies with an investment that exceeds US$10 million and 100 employees, established under the Free Trade Zone Regime.
For smaller manufacturing operations, companies will pay a preferential 6% income tax rate for 8 years and 15% for another 4-year period (statutory income tax 30%).

first 8 year period100%INCOME
Following 4 year period50%INCOME

In all cases, multiple additional 8-year renewals periods may be granted if significant reinvestment is made.

Download FTZR document to learn more

All Sectors outside the GMA:


No expiration period

  • Custom duties on imports/exports
  • Withholding tax on royalties and fees
  • Interest income

  • Sales tax on local purchases of goods/service
  • Stamp duty
first 12 year period100%INCOME
Following 6 year period50%INCOME

NOTE: Companies with an investment that exceeds US$10 million and 100 employees, established under the Free Trade Zone Regime. Additional 12-year renewal may be granted if reinvestment is made (statutory income tax 30%)

Download FTZR document to learn more

Industrial Parks and Free Zones in Costa Rica:

The country offers a wide variety of industrial parks and office centers, both within and outside of the Greater Metro Areas, with features that offer the right conditions to your business. These are some of the options available.


    Solarium Free Zone – Guanacaste

    WebsiteVisit website


    Solarium is the location of the LIBERIA FREE TRADE ZONE, the most well located Free Trade Zone outside the GAMA. It is the most modern and vibrant Business Park in the region, located in Liberia, principal economic center of Guanacaste. Solarium is a diverse 10,700,000 sq ft multi-use development offering exciting business opportunities to our corporate partners, and bringing economic development and lifestyle enhancements to area residents.

    SOLARIUM is located directly across from Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (Liberia, Guanacaste), the second major airport in the country; this airport offers over 120 weekly flights from cities like Toronto, Dallas, New York, Miami, Newark and Boston among others. The presence of the country’s second largest airport makes travel and the shipment of goods easy.

    Liberia and its surrounding areas have become a center for various companies in the food sector, aquaculture, food industry, services, research, clean energy, and space propulsion.
    The Ad Astra Rocket Company, based in Houston, has its research and development facilities in Liberia. There, the technology for space propulsion research and use of hydrogen for clean energy generation is developed.
    Also, the North Pacific zone of Costa Rica has positioned as a tourist destination of reference for its beautiful beaches.

    - Highly educated workforce available, with 96% literacy rate and multilingual population.
    - International Airport in front of SOLARIUM, with 426,336 passengers received (2015) and 14% of all the flight arrivals to the country.
    - Politically stable, central location & collaborative labor-employer relations.
    - Less traffic congestion, proving efficient transport logistics and easy access to business and residential areas.
    - Excellent utilities infrastructure, great weather and unique environment.
    - Free Trade Zones additional incentives (outside Great Metropolitan Area).
    - Affordable cost of living and services at low prices.
    - Quality of the health care system.
    - Unlimited choice of activities and sports.
    - High-performance communication systems.

    SOLARIUM is the largest and most modern commercial, industrial, manufacturing, office, storage, warehouse and distribution site in the region, enabling companies to take advantage of one of the best business environments in Central America. Over 5,500,000 sq. ft. of land for sale and 1,500,000 sq. ft. developed.

    - 6 Types pre-built facilities: Warehouses, retail, storage, apartments, office and hotel.
    - 1,000,000 sq ft Business Park: 4 different size of units and Free Trade Zone.
    - The Free Trade Zone, located outside the GAMA has additional higher tax incentives and longer benefits.
    - 5,500,000 sq ft Land for development: Will divide lots, built to suit, potable water, water treatment plant and the option to include land in the Free Trade Zone Regime.
    - Additional benefits free trade zone.
    - There is an on-site hotel (Hilton Garden Inn Liberia Airport).
    - On-site university (Universidad Latina, Laureate Universities).
    - Fast and cost-efficient set-up with some pre-build facilities and all the utilities in place.
    - Robust infrastructure.
    - Easy international access: located in front of an International Airport, 90 km from Nicaragua border and 143 km from Caldera Port.

    - Fully redundant electrical grid.
    - Redundant potable water system.
    - Security 24/7.
    - Garbage collection.
    - On site administrative office.
    - Ample parking areas.
    - Public transportation service inside the project.
    - Convenience and retail stores on-site.
    - Beautiful green areas.
    - Fiber optic node.
    - Water treatment plant.
    - Infrastructure already developed: streets, cabling, sidewalks, water, electricity…
    - Shorter time to obtain permits. (Some permits are approved for the whole project).

    Costa Rica´s tax incentives and benefits are standardized. They apply to any and all companies according to their operation, so there is no need for negotiation on a per case basis. In addition, entities wishing to set up operations in areas outside the Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA) can enjoy greater benefits.
    The companies outside GMA have longer periods of tax exemptions, lower initial investment in fixed assets, lower start-up costs and other greater benefits than companies inside GAM.

    DWL is a company that is responsible for providing different services to their customers in the fields of development, construction, management and design of real estate projects with thehighest quality. Their experience includes residential, industrial, commercial and mixed-use projects.
    DWL has achieved a leadership position within the real estate business, as a result of its innovative and environmentally conscious projects. They are also recognized as a pioneer in the development of mixed-use real estate projects in Costa Rica.
    - Over 30 years experience in real estate
    - Success in projects
    - Strong access to financial Capital
    - Symbol of quality and distinction in the Costa Rican real estate sector
    - Succeeded in positioning ourselves as leaders in the industry
    - Development project in important cities (San José, Escazú, Heredia)
    - Website:

    SOLARIUM offers a strategic and convenient location and superior facilities tailored to our client’s specific needs in order to facilitate the start-up and manage cost control. Supported by a team of development experts, we understand how to quickly work through zoning, permitting, utility, infrastructure and road improvement requirements to fast-track exceptionally complex builds.
    Our development and construction team work with highly recognized partners in design, engineering, architecture and construction in order to design and create a state-of-the-art facility around our clients’ needs.

    ExpoCerámicas: It is a chain of stores dedicated to the import and marketing of construction finishes in the Costa Rican market.
    La Artística: Traces its beginnings to 1933, has several showrooms and is today Central America’s largest furniture store.
    Intaco: Starting in 1946, it has a broad portfolio of industrial mortars and world-class chemicals for construction.
    Tips: Leading Company in selling kitchen products (industrial and domestic). Recognized within Central America and the Caribbean.
    SUR: Founded in Peru, in 1966 is one of the most important paint manufacturers in the region. With operations in 9 countries and exportations to North and South America.
    POPS: Pops ice creamery started operations in 1968 in San José, now there are shops in 6 different countries.
    Neón Nieto: The largest and most modern labeling systems industry group in Central America. With more than 70 years of experience.
    Hilton Garden Inn Liberia Airport: Located in the province of Guanacaste in front of Liberia Airport (LIR), the hotel is close to many top tourist attractions.
    Universidad Latina: Is the largest private university in Costa Rica, with 6 undergraduate schools and 12 Master programs.

    We offer the most attractive and

    cost-effective tax incentives in the region



    The Academic System in Costa Rica is open to provide the necessary training/programs, working with companies to address their needs and demands. These Academic Collaboration models are established as a formal agreement between the company and the specific institutions involved.

    For example, the National Training Institute (INA) offers free technical training in numerous fields, focusing in the areas like: Industry, Graphic Industry, and Trade and Services.

    Any company with operations in the country will have access to INA training for their employees at no additional cost, since INA’s courses are funded by the 1.5% of the total payroll that these companies must pay. Thus, INA training programs can be seen as a subsidy from the government, because the costs of training programs are higher than the 1.5% charged to the company for its employees. The INA has 60 facilities nationwide.



    In Costa Rica, foreigners have equal rights and obligations; they have no limits to property handling and they can conduct business activities freely, for there is free capital movement without foreign exchange controls.

    Multinational companies must comply with the same procedures and regulation as local companies to start operations in the country. However, CINDE offers assistance to foreign investors through a immigration procedure.

    Streamlined immigration applications and visa granting, with no limitation on number of foreigners working in companies, are some of the incentives Costa Rica offers.

    But we don't sit still See how we plan to keep improving