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Free Zones

Ultrapark LAG

Ultrapark LAG was granted the Free Zone Regime as Park Administrator in 2006, to service the services industry companies that choose Costa Rica to open their operations. We are part of the Ultrapark Development Group, a real estate developer specialized in free zone office space in Costa Rica.
The Park is located in Lagunilla, Heredia, with 3 buildings and 2 multinational clients, both listed in Fortune 500. We have AAA office space, with state-of-the-art technology, in accordance with our clients’ needs. 
We also provide concierge services to our clients, to satisfy their needs beyond the office space. For instance, we have a Plug&Play Solution for the full conditioning of office space, cleaning, maintenance, security, engineering, architecture, and others. This type of attention is one of the Group’s pillars, we strive to positively impact and cooperate with our clients towards the success of their operations. We also oversee all common areas of the Park with services like: recycling, landscaping, safety, fire attention, transport access, and others. 
In Ultrapark LAG we have our brand new co-working space: LATERAL. This co-work was exclusively designed and created for the Group’s clients. LATERAL is a ready to use co-work with many different working areas such as: tribes (work station modules of 43-26-30 pax), conference rooms (for 18-12-10-8-4 pax), 2 Training rooms (18 pax) Auditorium (for 25 pax), Ideas room, private offices, various sit-down areas, terrace, cafeteria, and all ancillary services that come with a state-of-the-art co-work. Clients are encouraged to visit this space and consider it as a fast-solving solution to their space needs.

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Park Features
  • Great location
  • Plug&Play Solution: includes buildout and conditioning for immediate operation of office space.
  • Athletic Center access included for all employees.
  • Rapid office space delivery (90-120 days).
  • Modern parking facilities.
  • Flexible negotiations: we strive for win-win scenarios.