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WeWork inaugurates a New Building in Escazú Village and Strengthens its Operations in Costa Rica

WeWork inaugurates a New Building in Escazú Village and Strengthens its Operations in Costa Rica

  • The company investment exceeded $11 million. It is based on the demand for workspaces with outstanding technological features and a collaborative design. 
  • More than 20 international and domestic companies currently use the building as a work point for their employees. 
  • The new facilities make it possible for small and medium businesses as well as independent contractors to use the workspaces at WeWork through their “All Access” service. 
San José, Costa Rica. July 8, 2022. As part of its pledge to Costa Rica, WeWork inaugurated its second location in San Jose: WeWork Escazú Village, with which seeks to be a support for the company’s facilities on Costa Rican territory. It also seeks to generate opportunities for its broad global network and other companies that have joined together in the revolution of future work. WeWork uses this to contribute to generating jobs in the country and to strengthen Costa Rica’s positioning on the region’s entrepreneurial map. 

“This new building becomes a wager and a leap of faith to continue providing Costa Rican companies and talent with spaces to match their requirements, preferences, and employment needs. WeWork’s investment in Escazú Village is a reflection of the growing appetite shown by multinationals, SMEs, and entrepreneurs in strengthening their business in Costa Rica thanks to the excellent investment climate that the country provides,” said Karen Scarpetta, the Regional Manager for WeWork Southern Latin America and Costa Rica. 

The new WeWork business center represents an investment above $11 million, in a space of 11,000 m2 spread out over 5 floors located in Tower II of Escazú Village, between floors 2 and 6. 

According to the company, by opening these new facilities, jobs have been provided to around 50 people through outsourced services related to areas such as security, occupational health, and maintenance.

For her part, Paula Bogantes, the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, commented: “Opening the new WeWork Escazú Village site reflects the growing demand by companies to expand their business lines in Costa Rica, strengthening our competitiveness. It is the determining factor for the Costa Rican government to ensure and continue demonstrating that the company is home to a competitive business environment. This environment encourages sustainable, globalized productivity, making it possible for companies to grow and generate new employment opportunities with quality jobs.”
Prior to its inauguration and since last April, WeWork Escazú Village began the process to open spaces for companies. During that time, more than 35 local and international firms have made a bet on accessing an office solution that runs beyond physical space and that makes up a full work experience revolving around the user. Thus, companies such as Novartis Pharma, Pedidos Ya, ZScaler, Publimark, Spark (EH Dental), Diageo, Arkose Labs, and Whirlpool, among others, are already joining the new building’s establishment spectrum.

Diana Salazar, CINDE's Deputy Managing Director, pointed out: “We would like to congratulate WeWork for this major leap. We know that it represents a chance for general users and companies that would like to operate in a collaborative and innovative ecosystem. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Costa Rica is situated among the most innovative economies in Latin America. Thus, along with this new investment by the company, we would also like to send a message about why our country is a strategic partner in the knowledge-driven economy in an investment climate that provides opportunities to companies and develops talent.” 
Access and Additional Services
WeWork Escazú Village will supplement the services that it already provides the location at Cariari Corporate Center where it offers office spaces to companies that are part of the Free Trade Zone Program. The new location broadens the service offer for SMEs and professional contractors who need flexible spaces with an excellent physical and technological infrastructure to work outside the house, with two different residential focuses: Heredia or Escazú. 

“With this new location, WeWork introduced an “All Access” membership package to Costa Rica. This is a product that large companies may use to decentralize their offices and provide rotating options to its employees. This is true for both the new office in Escazú and the broad network of companies, with more than 700 locations in 120 cities around the world,” added Scarpetta.

Besides “All Access,” WeWork offers private workspaces that run from an individual setting to solutions for groups of up to 120 employees in a company. WeWork also provides options for corporate events and business meetings at the facilities. 

About WeWork Latin America
WeWork is the leading platform in Latin America for flexible workspaces. It offers a comprehensive solution for people, Startups, and Multinationals, with 75 locations spread out in 13 cities in the region. It runs the length and breadth of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Its offer begins with office supplies and moves on to technological solutions and appropriate spaces made to the order for our customers, up to such flexible products that it is able to provide the chance to work from anywhere in the world.