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TradeStation Announces 100 New Positions for Candidates with Information Technology Knowledge

TradeStation Announces 100 New Positions for Candidates with Information Technology Knowledge

San José, April 27, 2021. TradeStation, a multinational company in the services sector, announced that it is seeking 100 new hires in Costa Rica. These professionals will join the other 100 employees that the company currently has on its payroll.

The company confirms that this expansion is due to the quality of professionals hired over the years, as well as Costa Rica's strategic positioning in regard to the company's long-term plans.

TradeStation offers online trading technology and electronic brokerage services to individual and institutional traders, both in the U.S. and around the world. The company offers analysis and a trading platform that provides access to the main stock exchanges and financial centers.

Andrés Valenciano, the Minister of Foreign Trade, expressed his pleasure with the news and commented, “Today, the service sector represents one of the primary engines for our development, which allows us, as a country, to continue advancing towards a knowledge-based economy. By the end of 2020, in this sector alone, an accumulated 81,371 jobs had been created. TradeStation's announcement on its growth, and the 100 jobs that will be added, is another example of how multinationals continue contributing to the development and well-being of our economy. We congratulate TradeStation and all its employees, and we deeply appreciate their commitment to and trust placed in Costa Rica.

Maria Hodgson, Senior Manager of TradeStation, stated, “Our Costa Rica office has supported company growth over the years. The quality of our employees, both on a professional level, as well as their technical knowledge on securities and their commitment to strong performance, has been key to the company's development. Our Costa Rican personnel have shown professional development in the nine years we've been in the country.”

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, further explained, “The most recent data from Procomer, for the month of April, shows that our service exports reached U.S. $6.8 billion by the end of 2020. Of that amount, knowledge-based service exports represented almost U.S. $5 billion in foreign sales. More specifically, companies like TradeStation are part of a group that has increased service employment positions, reaching almost 12,000 new jobs for Costa Ricans by the end of the same year.”

TradeStation will seek professionals in systems engineering, software development, and other areas related to information technology.

Those interested in applying to one of these open positions, should visit,heredia%20province

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