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Texas Tech University chooses Costa Rica as an ally to install its first satellite campus in Latin America

Texas Tech University chooses Costa Rica as an ally to install its first satellite campus in Latin America

President of Costa Rica met with senior officials in Austin in 2015, as part of the country promotion agenda organized by CINDE and COMEX.
Satellite college Campus will operate in 2018 in Escazú, west of San José.

San José August 12 2016. Texas Tech University, a prestigious university in the United States, announced it will open its first satellite campus in Latin America, in Costa Rica. The decision process leading technological university in races was supported by CINDE. Also, the President, Luis Guillermo Solis, met with the highest authorities of the University during the visit to the US the previous year, as part of the promotional tour organized by CINDE and COMEX.

Texas Tech University Costa Rica will be financially self-sufficient through income generated from tuition and other incomes managed by Promerica Group, a multinational conglomerate of reputed companies operating throughout Central and Latin America.

"We are very pleased that the prestigious Texas Tech University had selected Costa Rica to open a branch dedicated to students from the region. This represents a recognition of the political and economic stability of the country and its strong reputation in the field of education, with prestigious academic centers with national and international recognition.

It is also one of the objectives of international work visits and contacts that we have as a goal to attract investments that generate jobs. During our visit to Texas, in May 2015, in the meeting we had with the authorities of this university, we highlighted the conditions of Costa Rica for a center such as this one.

We are sure it will be the beginning of a mutual convenience relationship, from which the students will benefit, "said Luis Guillermo Solís, President of Costa Rica.
“This collaboration with our partners in Costa Rica will increase access to a Texas Tech education for students in Costa Rica and Central America. This project also supports the internationalization efforts at Texas Tech and advances our reputation and competitive position by preparing our graduates to live and work in different cultures,” Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec said. “Beyond the educational programs offered at Texas Tech University Costa Rica, there will be opportunities for our students and faculty to engage in international partnership and internships, research and study abroad.”

For Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade, the announcement represents a change of course of great importance to Costa Rica. "The decision of Texas Tech to select Costa Rica to host its first international campus in Latin America is outstanding. It incorporates a great actor into our educational ecosystem, whose programs are recognized for their quality, links with leading industries and also has resources and capacities for innovation and diversification for the educational offer in Costa Rica and the region. At the same time, it opens up enormous opportunities for enhancing quality employability in our country, as projected, academic offerings have complete relevance to the generation of skills and abilities that are being required to work in high demand and value added areas in the labor market, "said the Minister. "It is worth noting the decision by Texas Tech to generate professionals in fields such as engineering, computer science, mathematics or business (among others) as well as racing hybrid enormous potential, with materials that are fully taught in language English, something widely expected in the country, "concluded Minister Mora.

Jack J. Bimrose, director of EDULINK, a subsidiary of Promerica Group. “University education in the United States is valued and admired worldwide, and we believe it has the unique power to change the lives and futures of students, families, communities, nations and the world. Our group chose Texas Tech as our academic partner on the basis of its high quality programs, outstanding reputation, commitment to international engagement, and visionary leadership.”

In addition, Costa Rica will give an example of bilateral cooperation with an international exhibition that puts us on the map of Latin America as an important study option. Which seeks to provide education that faces the challenges of the future that allow professionals to prepare highly qualified professionals, create jobs, promote economic development, competitiveness and encourage the support of Costa Rican democratic values "education.

The Managing Director of CINDE, Jorge Sequeira, said " Texas Tech selecting Costa Rica fills us with pride. It was a process of comprehensive analysis in which the benefits of the country allowed it to be selected. The fact that this university decided to open a location here, positions Costa Rica internationally as a hub of high-level knowledge and a human talent generator with first-class expertise in the market. We are delighted that our work as the investment promotion agency also has an impact on the academy, which will definitely benefit Costa Ricans ".

Texas Tech University states their arrival in Costa Rica is based on the strategic location of the country, that will serve as a bridge to the rest of Latin America. Having a strong democracy in the region, cultural affinity with the United States, stability and more than 250 high-tech multinational companies operating locally, as well as the educational system, positively weighed in the decision.