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Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies Set to Open a Modern Manufacturing Facility in Costa Rica and will Hire up to 700 People

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies Set to Open a Modern Manufacturing Facility in Costa Rica and will Hire up to 700 People

  • The facility will be headquartered in Cartago’s La Lima Free Trade Zone.
  • Investment totals approximately US $60 million.
  • Production will serve global customer demand with a focus on the Americas.
Cartago, Costa Rica. June 28, 2021. Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, a US-based medical technology company, subsidiary of Terumo Corporation from Japan, announced that it will open a modern medical device manufacturing facility, and will hire up to 700 people, as the facility reaches its full operational capacity in December 2022.

The world-class manufacturing plant will produce medical device products used to collect and separate blood and cells that help treat and manage challenging diseases and conditions. 

Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado thanked the company for its confidence in Costa Rican talent, 700 of whom will be making it possible for the company to introduce a pioneering operation which uses cutting edge-technology to produce medical devices. This is further evidence, that our country is positioned among the top destinations worldwide for life sciences. “Our people, a great business environment, and a commitment to provide the right conditions for attracting high-quality investment; continue to position Costa Rica as the ideal partner for global companies from different geographies with a longstanding tradition of quality and excellence”, he added.

Antoinette Gawin, President and Chief Executive Officer said, “We are growing and continue investing in world-class infrastructure. Strategically positioning our factory in Costa Rica enhances our ability to innovate for customers and patients around the world.”

Chris Williams, Senior Vice President of Global Manufacturing at Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, commented, “We chose Costa Rica for our new manufacturing plant because it is a proven hub for the production of medical devices. Our customers and patients rely on us to deliver high-quality products and outstanding services. Costa Rica has the resources, talent and solid supply chain infrastructure that we need to fulfill our commitments.”

Foreign Trade Minister Andrés Valenciano welcomed the announcement, stating that “in recent years we have learned the importance of science, the resilience of our people, and our close proximity as humans. The medical industry has been impacted the most and is continuing to take firm steps in international markets. The announcement by Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies of its new plant represents an extremely strategic investment for Costa Rica. It means that the company will be driving medical device manufacturing for the world from Costa Rican soil. The decision also carries enormous potential for expanding linkages with local industry and forging partnerships with the Costa Rican academic sector.” The minister concluded, “The fact that leading global companies such as Terumo have gained confidence in Costa Rica fills us with great pride and satisfaction by confirming their trust in us.  We congratulate the company and are deeply grateful for its commitment and confidence in our country.”

“The new Terumo Blood and Cells Technologies plant is an example of how this country is a strategic destination for nearshoring trends,” commented CINDE’s Managing Director Jorge Sequeira. “The company is looking to maintain steady supply delivery times and reach full production capacity with local talent, having chosen Costa Rica over other sites in its considerations. Our country value proposition, based on people, planet, and prosperity, is still spearheading our attractiveness for more projects requiring settings of technological convergence with proximity to target markets. We appreciate this vote of confidence in Costa Rica and foresee rapid growth for this company here in our country.”

The company has already hired the members of its local leadership team and they are currently in the final stages of the facility construction process. Additionally, the company is already actively recruiting for professional and manufacturing positions like human resources, finance, quality control, supply-chain, purchasing, engineering, and production. In addition, they are hiring personnel in production processes, as well as technical and facilities maintenance. Interested parties may apply at

About Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies
Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies is a medical technology company. Our products, software and services enable customers to collect and prepare blood and cells to help treat challenging diseases and conditions. Our employees around the world believe in the potential of blood and cells to do even more for patients than they do today. 

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies customers include blood centers, hospitals, therapeutic apheresis clinics, cell collection and processing organizations, researchers and private medical practices. Our customers are based in over 130 countries across the globe. The company works to improve patient outcomes, by providing favorable and accessible innovations that improve patient outcomes and address unmet medical needs. Our company regularly invests in research to give patients better access to healthcare that will have a positive impact on their lives.