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Tek Experts Inaugurates New Offices and Announces Plans to Recruit 450 Workers in Costa Rica

Tek Experts Inaugurates New Offices and Announces Plans to Recruit 450 Workers in Costa Rica

- Recruitment to begin in the second half of September 2017

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, Sept. 13, 2017. Driven by the growth of tech services, Tek Experts, a technical and business services multinational, opened new offices at Terra Campus in Tres Ríos on September 13th, establishing a major source of employment in Costa Rica.

Since its launch in the country in 2012, Tek Experts has been committed to increasing its Costa Rican operations, and with the opening of the new building, the company intends to place an additional 450 people it is planning to hire in the next 6 months.

Currently Tek Experts is located in the Condal building, and with the new space, Terra Campus, it will be significantly expanding the office space that Tek Experts has in Costa Rica. The new building consists of two floors, extensive office space, areas for relaxation, training rooms, panoramic views, ample parking, a dining area, and it is easily accessible since it is very close to Terramall.

The President of the Republic, Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, said: "We are continuing to work on strengthening Costa Rica's competitive conditions so investments that are already established in this country, as well as those we are currently attracting, can continue - as in the case of Tek Experts - expanding operations and creating jobs. This reaffirms for us that alliances with productive sectors are enabling us to keep generating wellbeing for the population."

Luis Guillermo Campos, Country Manager at Tek Experts Costa Rica, said: "We are pleased to announce the new opportunities for employment that position Costa Rica as one of the Central American countries cultivating quality human talent, and we feel confident as we invest in new offices and create opportunities for growth and development in an innovative and professional environment."

Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade, said that "Five years ago, as a result of our good investment climate and recognized track record, Tek Experts decided to bet on Costa Rica, establishing a sophisticated technical services and business operation. Following this, it has grown sustainably, creating high quality jobs and contributing to the strategy of adding value to our exports. It fills us with pride to know that today its local headquarters has been transformed into the powerhouse of its operations, and that it has a growth plan that will enable it to employ more than 450 Costa Ricans in innovative, sophisticated and competitive technologies. As the Government, we uphold the commitment to foster the necessary conditions so our companies can continue to grow and take a bigger and bigger share of global markets and global value chains."

Alfredo Hasbum Camacho, Minister of Labor and Social Security, added "I celebrate the announcement of Tek Experts' expansion in our country. This is one more indication that the human talent of our citizens is valuable, and that's what gets foreign investors to keep their eyes on Costa Rica. At the Ministry of Labor we've been working on building up training in technical careers that makes it possible to fill the jobs that come with projects such as this one."

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, said that "The added value of exports of IT services and exports enhanced by IT companies has held steady between 80% and 90%, making Costa Rica into a net exporter of these kinds of high value added services. The announcement made by TEK Experts about hiring another 450 people gives an indication of the valuable contribution that Costa Rican human talent is providing for multinationals, playing a role in the consolidation of their business at the global level."

As of now, Costa Rica has the group's largest operation, and occupies 40% of the company's global spreadsheet. Furthermore, the professional profile that Tek Experts is seeking in the country features systems engineers, computer engineers, programmers, software support engineers, computer sciences and specialists in administration to support its new clients and new projects all over the world.

The company is also trying to make the most of its non-technical experience, recruiting people with linguistic skills and experience in customer service, training administration, Human Resources, Quality Assurance and data analysis.

Tek Experts employs more than 2000 people around the world, and 750 in Costa Rica. This expansion reaffirms the company's commitment to the Costa Rican market, confident that without any doubt it will generate more opportunities and investments to strengthen the capacities of employees in Costa Rica.

Those interested can apply through the website at:

About Tek Experts

With offices and employees all over the world, Tek Experts offers support of leading industry software, application development, training and education, sales support, customer service, hardware support and software solutions in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The company has installed part of its operations in Costa Rica due to its proximity to strategic clients, which has facilitated business logistics. One of the goals the company is pursuing is to keep on growing at the same level and quality it has achieved thus far, and to keep on investing in strengthening the capacities of its employees.

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