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Software Development Company Helm360 Settles into Pérez Zeledón

Software Development Company Helm360 Settles into Pérez Zeledón

  • U.S. firm created a total of 19 new jobs in 2020, with plans to create a minimum of 15 more jobs in 2021.
  • Company’s initial investment totals $2 Million.

Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica. February 24, 2021. Global technology and data analytics company Helm360 announced that it has chosen to set up operations in Costa Rica. The company formally launched its Costa Rican operations in 2020 and is expected to inaugurate its new support center in San Isidro de El General, in Pérez Zeledón, by the end of the year; this represents an initial investment of $2 million.

With this launch, the company intends to provide better service to its North American clients as well as expand its global presence – Helm360 currently operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and India – while accessing Costa Rica’s local talent in information technology.

Carlos Alvarado, President of the Republic, emphasized that this type of investment is an example of the nation’s continuing strategy to attract both foreign direct investment and employment in various regions of the country.

"Investments from technology services companies, such as Helm360, in communities outside the Greater Metropolitan Area, contribute to regional development through the creation of quality employment opportunities for families, while stimulating the local economy," explained the president.

“We maintain our ongoing community commitment with the launch of our operations in Pérez Zeledón. We are excited to actively participate in the economic growth of Costa Rica by offering new job opportunities to the San Isidro de El General community,” stated Raminder Singh, President and CEO of Helm360.

From this new location, Helm360 will provide a variety of services, including software development, data analytics and visualization, managed services, quality control, staff recruitment, human resource coordination, digital marketing, and legal and accounting services.

"In San Isidro de El General, we uncovered an opportunity to contribute to economic development via job opportunities in the area of technology for the region’s residents – and at the same time diversify our global hiring in a meaningful way," added Singh.

Andrés Valenciano, Minister of Foreign Trade, said he was very pleased with the news and commented, “We welcome U.S. company Helm360, which joins a group of companies that, in addition to generating formal employment outside the Greater Metropolitan Area, also creates opportunities for wellbeing and development for our people in Pérez Zeledón. We are confident that our local human talent will help Helm360 consolidate its operations and we hope they will find in our country an ally for continued growth. From within the Central Government, we will continue working to ensure the ongoing business climate and quality of human talent that have already made Costa Rica an attractive investment destination today, and continue to strengthen and adapt these assets to the needs of the international labor market."

The company will hire a total of 15 new workers in the upcoming months; the projection for 2021 is to generate around 35 positions at their new facilities.

Those interested in working for Helm360 must meet the following basic requirements: a broad command of the English language, excellent communication skills, a high school diploma, and experience in customer service; for some positions, additional information technology experience and/or training is required.

Helm360’s establishment of operations in Costa Rica is part of the Emerging Cities initiative, led by the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE). This country-wide strategy seeks to improve the competitiveness of 20 communities outside the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) – Pérez Zeledón, among them – through the attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI).

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, said “We congratulate Helm360 on its investment in Costa Rica. Companies like this have made it possible for CINDE to report the generation of almost 500 new jobs in 2020, in communities outside GAM, and to register more than 1,500 virtual positions, thanks to other companies already established in the region. Furthermore, it is estimated that over the last five years, employment generated by companies in non-traditional areas of investment has increased by an annual average of 15%, reaching a cumulative total of 3,660 formal positions throughout the country.”

If you are interested in pursuing a job opportunity at Helm360, please send your résumé, in English, to

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