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Renowned international academics shared in Costa Rica the latest concepts in RandD of the medical industry

Renowned international academics shared in Costa Rica the latest concepts in RandD of the medical industry

For two days, internationally recognized teachers from RICE University, University of Wisconsin Stout and University of Minnesota, shared with corporate executives and Costa Rican college students the trends and latest concepts in the medical industry.

San Jose, April 11th 2015. On April 9th and 10th, a group of renown and prestigious international academics lectured on Randamp;D in the medical industry and global trends that the country should following in order to continue achieving competitiveness.

This initiative was promoted by the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC), in coordination with the universities of RICE, Wisconsin Stout and Minnesota.

Dr. Eric Richardson, from the Bioengineering Department at RICE University, gave a panel discussion about design engineering and medical devices innovation at the auditorium of Lanamme at the Universidad de Costa Rica.

Robert Meisner, teacher at the University of Wisconsin Stout, one of the most recognized of the continent in the preparation of professionals of the medical industry, lectured on the certification of medical device packaging.

Dr. Lochi Yu, talked about biomedical engineering and its perspective in Costa Rica and worldwide, at the Universidad de Costa Rica.

The rest of the lectures took place at the Sheraton Hotel and focused on research and development. The topics related to future Randamp;D projects in the medical industry, challenges, and opportunities for Costa Rica, among others.

For Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE “achieving partnerships between Costa Rican academia and internationally renowned universities, is part of the strategy of the organization to upgrade the academic preparation of Costa Rican human talent to the industry demands, facilitating the employment of more people”.

Vanessa Gibson, Director of Corporative Development and Investment Climate of CINDE, commented “the activity concluded with the first international lesson of the Master Degree in Medical Devices Engineering in charge of the University of Minnesota. This is the result of the joint effort between the TEC and the University of Minnesota and CINDE”.