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Proquinal, a company in the textile industry, is investing $30 million to broaden its operations in Costa Rica

Proquinal, a company in the textile industry, is investing $30 million to broaden its operations in Costa Rica

  • This new project envisages a calendering process that boosts the industrial and technological volume to provide services to companies in the life science sector.  
  • The company is enhancing its plant to 30,000 m² and makes 50 new job positions available.  
Alajuela, Costa Rica. September 22, 2022. Proquinal, a company in the Spradling Group, is expanding its operations in Costa Rica by an investment greater than $30 million. This investment includes broadening its plant and calendering equipment that will expand its industrial technological capacity to provide services to companies in the life sciences sector.

Moisés Hernández, the Proquinal Costa Rica General Manager, warranted that the new investment and company processes will enhance Costa Rica’s position in the advanced manufacturing industry.

In addition, he added: “This growth, linked to the installation of modern equipment, will make it possible for Costa Rica, through Proquinal, to continue delving into such relevant markets as medical devices, by producing sheets with various applications for personal health care. The new raw material facilities were designed with a modern storage system, with no passage ways and with autonomous movements. In addition, it has a high-technology connection bridge with robot-automated movements and intelligent vehicles to move the finished products.” 

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Trade, Manuel Tovar, stated: “Costa Rica houses a consolidated intelligent manufacturing industry operating with a high level of complexity, a broad range of products, and great economic dynamism. That is why today we are celebrating the new Proquinal investment, which will add new jobs and make it possible for local operations to engage in value-added processes that will supply different industries, including the medical industry. Proquinal has spent more than two decades trusting in Costa Rica as an ideal location to expand and do business with a purpose.”
Proquinal Costa Rica began its operations in the country in 2004. Since then, it has been developing products for industrial, transportation, and marine industries and recently the medical device industry. With this expansion, the Proquinal Costa Rica Plant comes to 30,000 m², and is consolidated in the area of advanced manufacturing.

Jorge Sequeira, the Managing Director of CINDE, congratulated the company and acknowledged its background and transformation in the country: “We are pleased to participate in the announcement of Proquinal’s growth in our country. This company was a pioneer by being one of the Latin multinationals to choose Costa Rica to expand its operations and to use Costa Rica as a place to supply some its most important markets.”  
“This 18-year history has been brimming with successes and new projects and has made it possible for the company to turn its traditional upholstery operations into greater value-added processes and today it has opened a broad range of opportunities for an industry such as medical devices,” Sequeira added.

Sustainability is a pillar in the company’s growth; as part of its investment, the company has incorporated efficient lighting systems, designed rainwater collection systems to be reused, and harnessed the use of waste materials. In addition, taller warehouses were built to maximize the use of space. 

Proquinal has more than 500 employees in Costa Rica and, due to its growth, has 50 new job positions. The company maintains its recruitment process primarily for cutting and clothing operators as well as technical positions; anybody who would like to apply for one of the vacancies may do so by writing to this address:  

The company performed an official ceremony to inaugurate the new plant. Some of the represented parties included the Spradling Group, led by its CEO, Ivan Sepúlveda; Francisco Gamboa, the Minster of the Economy, Industry, and Trade; Jorge Sequeira, the Managing Director of CINDE; Gabriela Castro, the COMEX Investment Director; and Humberto Soto, the Mayor of Alajuela.