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Newsweek Magazine features a special report on how Costa Rica’s people, planet, and prosperity attract over 400 companies

Newsweek Magazine features a special report on how Costa Rica’s people, planet, and prosperity attract over 400 companies

  • With a reach of 100 million people, the international magazine revealed its most recent piece about Costa Rica’s magnetism for business opportunities. 
  • This comprehensive overview showcases vast capabilities, such as a high-quality talent pool, infrastructure, free trade zones, and more. 
“With sustainable development at the top of its agenda for more than 60 years, Costa Rica has long enjoyed a reputation as a stable republic with the lowest volatility in the Americas. Its population, educated in high-tech industries and innovation, is key to support the country’s cluster strategy to boost existing capabilities and build new growth engines,” says the report courtesy of Newsweek in partnership with GATE21, a communication agency specialized in Country Branding and Government Communication.
The article gathers key insights regarding Costa Rica’s proven track record attracting foreign direct investment becoming “a proven partner for nearshoring, delivering the highest-complexity processes including cybersecurity, cloud computing, AI, software development and engineering, MedTech, R&D, and biomaterials,” according to GATE21. 
It also highlights Costa Rica’s efforts to contribute to talent growth in science, technology, and manufacturing industries and leadership skills. 
Along with the real state, the supply chain market, and high-tech clusters among its industrial parks, Costa Rica offers multiple advantages for companies looking to establish operations and reinvest in this friend-shoring destination. 
Since Costa Rica is a tourism powerhouse, GATE21 features how Costa Rica is rapidly recovering from the global shock caused by Covid-19, rolling out new strategies to attract foreign investment projects for tourism infrastructure, develop programs for digital nomads, and strength opportunities such as nautical tourism and host spectacular events.
As home to the best airport terminal in Latin America, the Juan Santamaría International Airport, the Guanacaste airport as the gateway to a natural paradise and preferred destination for vacationers, and the upcoming development of the newest terminal in Limón International Airport, Costa Rica offers an opportunity to connect with the rest of the world.    
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