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Multinational Companies Reaffirm Their Trust in Costa Rica and Announce Expansions with Over 3,000 Positions

Multinational Companies Reaffirm Their Trust in Costa Rica and Announce Expansions with Over 3,000 Positions

Throughout the last weeks, different multinational companies have reiterated their trust in Costa Rica and have announced several expansions. Amazon, Samtec, and East West are part of this growing cluster.

Also, CINDE and the Ministry of Tourism announced the creation of a virtual job platform with more than 950 open positions from over 20 multinational companies that are currently hiring. This site will facilitate the relocation of jobseekers from the tourism industry – and any other affected sector – who have unfortunately lost their jobs due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. This initiative is part of a joint agreement, since February 2019, between the Ministry of Tourism (ICT-Spanish acronym) and CINDE.

Among the participating companies are Procter andamp; Gamble, Bimbo Global Services, AstraZeneca, Equifax, Citrix, Sykes, Neustar, and Prodigious.

What are the expansions announced by Amazon, Samtec, and East West? We review them here:

Amazon, Inc. announced that it will create more than 2,000 new full-time and part-time jobs in Costa Rica. These new positions will help the company continue to provide world-class support for customers in Europe, North America, and South America through a variety of languages including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, and Italian.

“Since opening our first Costa Rican customer service center in 2018, we’ve hired more than 9,000 employees,” said Alejandro Filloy, Customer Service Director for Amazon Latin America. “Our growing team highlights the exceptional talent we’ve found in Costa Rica and these new positions will only enhance our ability to continue helping customers around the world.”

The U.S. firm Samtec, established in Costa Rica 14 years ago, has announced that it is expanding its operations here, for which it will be hiring 150 new employees, adding to its current team of 1,010.

Located in Zeta Free Trade Zone in Alajuela and as part of the advanced manufacturing sector, Samtec designs components for medical devices such as respirators and ventilators, part of the key equipment for treating COVID-19 patients in intensive care.

“The pandemic affecting the world, and the way the Costa Rican government has taken decisions to manage the crisis, has given Samtec even more confidence in this country and fueled its desire to continue growing locally, especially in the area of connectors for the medical industry, so we are hiring 150 people for different jobs,” explained José Sánchez, general manager of Samtec Costa Rica.

East West

East West Costa Rica, a company in the advanced manufacturing sector that is dedicated to global manufacturing of components, sub-components, and finished products for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and distributors announced an investment of over US$2 million for its operations in Costa Rica.

The company, located in the BES free trade zone in Alajuela, will invest in new machinery to automate production lines and to introduce new production processes in the country. Currently, the company has over 180 employees and expects to hire more than 50 more people for diverse areas and company levels during this year.

The operation in Costa Rican expects a 25% increase in sales due to the transfer of projects from the United States to Costa Rica. This measure is being taken at the headquarters given the excellent results obtained in the country with special emphasis on the quality of the staff and the final product.