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Multinational Companies Partner with the University of Costa Rica to 3D Print Protection Masks

Multinational Companies Partner with the University of Costa Rica to 3D Print Protection Masks

• Boston Scientific Costa Rica and Akamai Costa Rica are collaborating with the University of Costa Rica for COVID-19 frontline workers in the country.

San José, Costa Rica. May 19, 2020. Even though 3D printing started in the 80s, it has recently become more relevant, and in the presence of the new coronavirus, it has turned into a key tool for creating personal protective equipment for COVID-19 frontline workers. In Costa Rica, this printing method is being used to produce facial protectors and surgical visors for these frontline workers.

For example, the University of Costa Rica (UCR for its acronym in Spanish) launched an initiative with the collaboration of multinational companies such as Akamai Technologies and Boston Scientific to 3D print facial protection masks. As part of this initiative, Akamai is focusing on the design and prototyping of facial protectors and surgical visors, while Boston Scientific is working on producing parts for clear masks via 3D printing.

Andrés González, Site Manager for Akamai Technologies, explained: “With the UCR and under the leadership of Mario Peña, senior solutions specialist and Francisco Vargas, senior data engineer of Akamai Costa Rica, we are designing and prototyping surgical viewers for personnel assisting the health emergency. Currently, and thanks to the 3D printing equipment that we have in our Innovation Laboratory (Danny’s Lab), we print parts for the creation of these devices that are needed for health personnel and other areas”.

As to Boston Scientific, it is producing parts for masks via 3D printing. Luis Javier Serrano, Vice President of Operations of the Boston Scientific Coyol site in Alajuela explained: “What Boston Scientific is doing is directly related to the promotion of healthcare and protection of people’s health. This drives us to find innovative and creative ways to support those who are on the frontline and who are tirelessly working towards overcoming this pandemic.”

Serrano also noted that: “Among the initiatives that stand out, that the corporation has taken on, is the collaboration project with the UCR to produce and donate clear masks to the Social Security System by using our human resources and our 3D printing capability. These masks will serve healthcare personnel in charge of taking care of patients with COVID-19. It is a key moment for all of us to unite efforts to contribute and come out winning from this situation.”

Boston Scientific requires an average of three hours to 3D-print the masks and to date, more than 300 sets have been produced and provided to the Social Security System after the UCR staff assembles each mask with an elastic band and protection screen.

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