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Moody's Strengthens its Presence in Costa Rica with Service Center Expansion

Moody's Strengthens its Presence in Costa Rica with Service Center Expansion

  • The company has more than 40 openings for new jobs in areas including technology, finance, human resources, market intelligence, business services, administration, accounting, and data analysis. 
  • In 2021, knowledge-based services (KBS) grew 8.4% over 2020 and reached a record figure of $6.4 billion dollars for this subsector in Costa Rica. 
San José, Costa Rica, October 28, 2022. Moody's announced expansion of its service center in Costa Rica. The company has operated in the country since 2018, from which it supports key functions for more than 40 countries.

The service center's growth will be reflected by an increase in employees, as well as a physical expansion of its space at the Eurocenter business center.

Adriana Hernández Herrera, Senior Vice President - Service Hub Head of Costa Rica, stated, “Our growth is driven by the quality of Costa Rican talent, which has been vital in supporting Moody's global operations. The company has solid foundations in Costa Rica, as evidenced by the recent opening of our new office space; we hope to continue expanding the services we offer from [Costa Rica] to a large number of the markets where Moody's operates.” 
In Costa Rica, Moody's currently employs more than 250 employees, who support operations related to data analysis and technological aspects, as well as financial aspects, which are essential for the company's global operations.
Similarly, Paula Bogantes, Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, commented, “Moody's found in Costa Rica an optimal investment climate to support its work in more than 40 countries. Here, they offer nearly 100 types of corporate processes, which makes us a multifunctional business destination. Moody's expansion is a vote of confidence and will add new positions to the family of employees the company already has. New positions will focus on the areas of technology, economic sciences, market research, and talent management, among others. At Comex, we are committed to attracting financial sector investment.”
Pilar Madrigal, Director of Investment Advisory at CINDE, added, “The growth of Moody's operations in Costa Rica fills us with satisfaction, as it's an unequivocal sign that the company has found in our national talent the required skills to provide highly complex services that comply with world-class standards. Our country serves as a benchmark in creating knowledge-based services, with widely recognized quality talent that by the end of last year, had boosted the growth of exports of this type of services by 8.4%, to exceed $6.4 billion dollars a year.”
The company's growth represents new employment opportunities for Costa Ricans. Moody's has more than 40 vacancies available at their support center, in areas such as technology, finance, human resources, market intelligence, commercial services, administration, accounting, and data analysis.

Interested applicants may apply at the following link:

Moody's is committed to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizational culture, and works to be a place of empathy and civility, where all feel comfortable. This commitment is reflected in their Costa Rican office operations, with employees hailing from more than 12 nationalities and offering various support groups for different groups.

Moody's Costa Rica seeks to contribute to development and social welfare. In alliance with the MarViva Foundation, employees volunteer in activities such as translation, web design, and virtual training sessions, with the goal to achieve sustainable fishing and provide digital tools to anglers, so that they can market their products online in a sustainable manner.

Moody's employs approximately 14,000 people worldwide.

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