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Mexifrutas Announces $5 Million Investment in Siquirres during President Chaves Robles’s Visit to Limon

Mexifrutas Announces $5 Million Investment in Siquirres during President Chaves Robles’s Visit to Limon

  • The manufacturing company arrived in Costa Rica in 2019, setting up a modern processing plant for pineapple juice and banana puree that started operating in 2020.
  • Due to its growth, the company is installing a second pineapple juice processing line that includes extraction, sterilization, and aseptic filling equipment and other services.
  • The new investment will create 20 new jobs, adding to the more than 250 people already employed.
Siquirres, Limón. August 29, 2022. The Mexican company Mexifrutas, a fruit pulp processor, has announced it is investing $5 million to install an additional pineapple juice processing line. The announcement was made during the visit of President Rodrigo Chaves Robles, accompanied by other members of the government and CINDE, to the plant in El Cairo, Siquirres. 

President Chaves noted that “each time a company grows, every additional meter let people dream of a better future. More than numbers on a payroll, this investment harbours dreams, plans, and prosperity for families from Limon who will have a decent, well-paid job. Taking fruit that we proudly produce in Costa Rica to other parts of the world signifies the effort of many workers to supply their families’ needs. You are an essential part of that prodigious union.”

“We are pleased to announce our growth in Costa Rica. From the moment we started operating, two years ago, we have found many reasons to grow and continue producing with the best international standards. This investment involves doubling all the processes required for producing pineapple juice, from extraction and sterilization to aseptic filling and the services needed for proper operation,” said Luis Mario Chaurand, partner president of Mexifrutas. 

He also added, “Our Siquirres plant is strategically located for accessing high quality products, both bananas and pineapple, produced mainly in Limon.”

Mexifrutas exports to Europe, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Mideast.

Participating in the visit was Foreign Trade Minister Manuel Tovar, who after visiting the manufacturing plant commented that “attraction of investment outside the greater metropolitan area is a priority item on our agenda. We are working to enhance the productivity and competitive advantages of these areas - which can translate into the creation of job opportunities and development. He also noted, “For three years now, with its modern pulp processing plant, Mexifrutas has found the ideal conditions in Limon for growing and diversifying its business line. Today, with this $5 million investment, it will be creating 20 new jobs to add to the current 250 jobs, contributing to the well-being of Limon residents.”

Chairman of the CINDE Board, Eric Scharf, also congratulated the company and mentioned the importance of investments such as that of Mexifrutas outside the greater metropolitan area. “At CINDE we are committed to the development of all regions. For more than eight years we have been working hand in hand with Caribbean, northern zone, Chorotega, western, central Pacific, and southern zone communities to encourage and strengthen investment attraction, taking advantage of what each region can offer. Projects like this one of Mexifrutas are success cases and show us that the efforts we have made are starting to bear fruit.”

Residents of Siquirres or nearby areas wishing to apply for a job at Mexifrutas can email their CVs to or indicating their interest in being taken into account in the recruitment process.