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Megaminds in Megatrends Forum Raises Challenges and Opportunities for the Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Service Sectors

Megaminds in Megatrends Forum Raises Challenges and Opportunities for the Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Service Sectors

  • Now in its second edition, the international event was held at the Convention Center and brought together more than 600 attendees from multinational companies, academia, the business sector, development agencies outside the Greater Metropolitan Area, free zone parks, and service providers.
  • Participants included world experts such as Olivia White, George Zarkadakis, Iacob Koch-Weser, Alicia Chong, Francois Monory, Jackie Sturm, Pablo Lezama, and Nathan King, among other global executives from Akamai, EndeavorXR, Medtronic, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Accenture, Intel, and Gensler.
CINDE, the #1 foreign investment promotion agency in the world, has successfully closed on the second edition of Megaminds in Megatrends, which took place at the Costa Rica Convention Center on June 1 and 2.

The event brought together business leaders, investors, and experts to facilitate discussion on the opportunities and challenges that companies have to innovate and adopt mega trends that fundamentally impact the economy in sectors such as the life sciences, manufacturing, technology, and health and wellness.

The forum, held in a unique space, brought together more than 23 world-class experts as panelists for this edition of Megaminds in Megatrends – one of the most important events of the year, in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI), global trends, and representation both from strategic allies and contact networks from multinational companies that CINDE has attracted and advised over the last 40 years.

“We are proud to have exceeded expectations for yet another edition of Megaminds in Megatrends, together with the multinational companies that CINDE has not only attracted to Costa Rica, but also continues to serve every day after their installation and growth in the country. Today, we position Costa Rica at the center of major world discussions and demonstrate how the country can take advantage of global changes, take a leading role in innovation, and enhance its proven experience in attracting FDI projects,” stated Marianela Urgellés Batalla, General Director of CINDE.

During the event, attendees obtained first-hand input on the latest mega trends and broadened their perspectives on topics such as Web 3.0, Cybersecurity, Mental Health, Advanced Manufacturing, the Circular Economy, the Metaverse, and Artificial Intelligence.
Megaminds in Megatrends 2023 welcomed renowned specialists such as Olivia White, Joe Mullings, George Zarkadakis, Alicia Chong, Francois Monory, Jackie Sturm, Ramiro Palma, and Josh Hinkel.

“The relevance of an event like Megaminds in Megatrends 2023 is not only as a very important source of information for businesses, regarding the mega trends that are changing the world, but also, ideally, as a hotbed for public-private partnerships to attack these mega trends and take advantage of opportunities for our country to remain competitive,” explained Ileana Rojas, General Manager of Intel Costa Rica and Global Vice President of Design Engineering.

“One of the mega trends shared during the event was understanding data’s capacity to process algorithms and create personalized solutions that answer the needs of each population in the health, automotive, and semiconductor industries. At Bloomer Tech, I lead a company that seeks to transform the way women understand their bodies by using ordinary clothes to collect extraordinary data,” said Alicia Chong Rodríguez, founder of the technology start-up from Costa Rica.

CINDE is a Costa Rican agency that has been attracting foreign direct investment to Costa Rica for more than 40 years. It has a history of support for more than 400 multinational companies that have set up in Costa Rica in manufacturing, services, life sciences, and tourism infrastructure. A private, non-political agency declared of public interest, CINDE has been ranked by the International Trade Centre for five consecutive years since 2017 as the world’s top investment attraction agency.

About Megaminds in Megatrends
Megaminds in Megatrends is an international event that brings together leading business people, investors, and experts on megatrends in the global economy to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the future. The second annual event will be held in Costa Rica and is organized by CINDE, the world’s top investment promotion agency.