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LTV Co. Costa Rica announces growth in digital technologies

LTV Co. Costa Rica announces growth in digital technologies

  • United States company is dedicated to data processing and seeks more than 40 professionals in Information Technology and Software Development.
  • Growth will make it possible to develop new products and brands for clients in the United States.
San José, Costa Rica. March 28, 2022. Lifetime Value Company (LTV Co.), a United States Information Technology company that specializes in data processing, has 40 new job positions in the area of software development and will expand its presence in Costa Rica.

Lifetime Value Company was born in 2007 with its headquarters in New York. It came to Costa Rica seven years ago to support the United States market using platforms for searching for public information in the United States.

The rapid growth by the company, linked to the quality of Costa Rican talent causes the company to need to hire staff members specializing in Back-End, Front-End, and Full Stack software development; DevOps, Database Administrators, Designers, and Engineers in Software Quality Control (QA Engineers). There are also positions open for profiles in Project Management and Security Engineers.

“Costa Rica is a country with great wealth in resources and talent in the technology area which are key factors that caused us to strengthen our operations in the country and to ratify our decision since our arrival in 2015. Lifetime Value is undergoing accelerated growth and, to follow the same road to success, we are seeking professionals in Information Technology who are at different levels: from a junior to a director. The reason is because we are convinced of the domestic talent and our corporate capacity focused on the development and well-being of each employee,” Marcela Villalta, the Country Manager for Lifetime Value Company in Costa Rica, commented.

According to the company, its development in Costa Rica implies new projects, products and brands going to its customers. This led it to increase the annual investment in the country, going from US $4 million to US $6 million for this 2022.

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Andrés Valenciano, appeared pleased and commented, “Since 2015, the LTV. Co. found the skills in our human talent that are needed to process and implement sophisticated technological processes to provide service to our clients. Therefore, we encourage Costa Ricans who are professionals in information technology to choose the existing vacancies in the area to become part of a great company that offers multiple opportunities. We are convinced that this projected investment will encourage the well-being of the economy and open up quality opportunities in the STEM areas for Costa Ricans.”

For his part, Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, stated, “It gives us great pride to see development in the Services Sector in the country, which employs more than 101,000 people and makes it possible for Knowledge Based Services (KBS) to lead exports from the sector. We even saw how exports related to Information Technology and Information and Telecommunications grew more than US $112 million in exports in the last quarter of 2021 as opposed to the same period in 2020.

This information backs up the decision such as the one made by LTV Co. to select Costa Rica as an operation center capable of serving its main market and of developing new products, thanks to Costa Rican talent.”

LTV Co. operations in Costa Rica are located in the Escazú Corporate Center and have 72 local employees, while the number comes to 250 employees at the worldwide level.
The benefits that the company offers include:
  • Private medical and life insurance
  • A generous vacation policy
  • Competitive bonus at year-end
  • A budget to purchase equipment to work at home
  • Flexible hours and work at home 100% optional
  • Strong guidelines for professional growth at all levels
  • Anniversary bonuses
  • An extra week of vacation per year
  • Physical well-being and conditioning subsidies
People who are interested in working for Lifetime Value Company (LTV Co.) may send their applications to or visit the web site or follow on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

About Lifetime Value Company
LTV Co. is a technology development company located in New York, the United States. It opened operations in 2015 and currently has 200 employees at the world level, with talent in 15 different countries. It develops products and services to improve access to public information and data in the United States. It currently has seven branded consumer products including BeenVerified, NumberGuru, PeopleLooker, NeighborWho, Ownerly, PeopleSmart, and Bumper. For more information, you may go to the website: