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Konrad Group opens facility in Costa Rica with 130 people capacity

Konrad Group opens facility in Costa Rica with 130 people capacity

Company employs 45 people and will hire 85 more within the next 18 months

San Jose, August 22, 2016. The Services sector Canadian company, Konrad Group, opened its new facility in Costa Rica with a 130 people capacity. The activity was attended by Ana Helena Chacón, the Vice President of Costa Rica; Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade, representatives from CINDE, the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency representatives and Konrad senior executives.

In 2013, the company decided to open its first operation outside North America and chose Costa Rica due to its competitive conditions, human talent and geographical proximity to Canada. From its facility located in Oficentro Terra Campus, Tres Ríos, it provides services in software design and development, mainly for markets in the US and Canada, and also for projects that have been used in several European countries.

Globally, Konrad Group specializes in providing customized software development services, with the latest digital global trends. Konrad Group customers are mostly companies in the Fortune 500 list such as McDonald's, Coca-Cola, MTV, Target, Deloitte, Paypal, among others.

For Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría, Vice President of Costa Rica, "the expansion of multinational companies in our country, is the result of the efforts we make in Costa Rica, to strengthen confidence and competitiveness, which generates new jobs and maintains the growing economy. To do this, we continue to work on promoting human talent as a basic element to generate quality jobs."

Meanwhile, Marco Fernandez, General Manager of Konrad Group Costa Rica, said "in this location that we open today, we will be able to employ 130 associates, all with a very high professional profile, such as bilingual engineers in computer science, IT and digital design fields. They are well paid young professionals, whose work provides high added value to the country. What we are seeing today is only the beginning of ambitious projects to come in the future because Konrad Group is committed to Costa Rica. This is not a temporary and itinerant operation to be moving from country to country depending on where costs are more favorable. Our business model will not bet on costs but human talent and training."

Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade said: "We are pleased with this new announcement made by Konrad Group, and we are honored to be part of the inauguration of its new facility in Tres Rios. With its vote of confidence in the country, they highlight, once again, that Costa Rica is an investment hub that seeks to enhance their efficiencies, taking advantage of the talent of our people and the robust marketing platform that connects us with the main markets.

The confidence in the Costa Rican human talent as announced last week by releasing the latest impact numbers of our free trade zone regime, Konrad provides another example of the important contribution that foreign direct investment provides to our economy, including valuable opportunities of quality employment for our young talent."

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE said "Konrad Group is a company that belongs to the sub sector of digital services in Costa Rica, which has managed to position itself in demanding markets such as the US or Europe, demonstrating the professional capacity in this country. The continuous encouragement of our people to consider careers in information technology will allow us to continue taking advantage of the great job opportunities that companies like Konrad Group bring to the country."

In Costa Rica the company is in the process of recruiting engineers in IT and computer science and also software developers with experience in web applications and mobile devices. It is even hiring recenlty graduated programmers who are given the necessary training to meet the company needs. English language proficiency is a necessary requirement. Those interested can apply at

The subsector of digital services in Costa Rica exports services in digital production, marketing, branding, animation, e-commerce, web development and mobile applications.

About Konrad Group
Konrad Group is a global digital agency headquartered in Toronto, Canada and it has offices in New York, Vancouver and San Jose, Costa Rica. The company’s mission is to help other companies achieve success in the digital era working with them in strengthening their digital skills, creative processes and software development in particular web and mobile platforms. Konrad Group takes advantage of its expertise to provide innovative and customized solutions according to the needs of each company.