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Investment Monitor: Costa Rica Seizes the Moment to Shine as a World Leader in Ecotourism Investment

Investment Monitor: Costa Rica Seizes the Moment to Shine as a World Leader in Ecotourism Investment, the specialized outlet for data, insights, and analysis on foreign direct investments at Global Data Media, features Costa Rica in a captivating piece that highlights the country's efforts to position itself as a top destination for sustainable tourism investments as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) pressure grows. 

Costa Rica, a global leader in ecotourism is ready to meet demand from high-end luxury accommodations and sustainable developers, seeking responsible ventures. With pristine natural assets that have secured its position as the world's #1 destination in terms of attractiveness according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), coupled with a strong commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, emphasis on green certifications for tourism businesses, and ongoing efforts to establish protected areas, Costa Rica demonstrates proactive measures to develop the right incentives to attracts travelers and environmentally conscious investors alike.

As Investment Monitor highlights “enquiries to set up new and expand existing tourism operations in the country [Costa Rica], which was labeled the happiest in Latin America by the UN in 2022, are higher than ever – and a host of financial incentives and the availability of a pool of highly trained, multilingual workforce gives the ecotourism pioneer a competitive edge”. 

Lissette Acosta, tourism infrastructure lead at the country’s private investment promotion agency, CINDE, explained to the media outlet that companies investing in tourism infrastructure in Costa Rica can apply for both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives. For example, Costa Rica’s free-trade zone regimen offers a set of benefits granted by the government to businesses making new investments in the country. “These include 100% exemption on corporate income tax, withholding tax, royalties, fees, and dividends, local sales tax, with no limit, and duty-free imports and exports”, as detailed in the article. 

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