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Investment Monitor: “Costa Rica is at the forefront, assisting hotel and tourism investors like Cóbano Preserve in achieving new industry standards”

Investment Monitor: “Costa Rica is at the forefront, assisting hotel and tourism investors like Cóbano Preserve in achieving new industry standards”

  • The multibillion-dollar eco-development, Cóbano Preserve and Marina Tambor, encompasses a marina, hotels, residential apartments, and a coastal town.
  • Supported by CINDE, this foreign investment project in the tourism infrastructure sector exemplifies the country's commitment to becoming a strategic ally for investors in achieving their sustainable development goals., a specialized outlet of the market intelligence company GlobalData, recently featured an article highlighting Cóbano Preserve and Marina Tambor, a mixed real estate ecological development supported by CINDE. This project serves as an example of Costa Rica’s leadership in fostering sustainable tourism. 
Cóbano Preserve and Marina Tambor combine eco-conscious design, top-notch facilities, and a focus on environmental preservation. The development spans five phases and aims to eventually transform about 360 hectares of land into a tourism hotspot. It features a marina with 300 slips, boutique hotels seamlessly integrated into the landscape, private residences, an underground road to minimize wildlife disturbance, and even a local town, all designed with a holistic approach to create an immersive and environmentally conscious experience for visitors. 
“The landmark eco-development in the peninsula [Nicoya Peninsula] aims to reboot the local economy, grow skilled employment and support the region’s fishermen, and aims to build robust infrastructure around the Bay of Tambor to raise the quality of life for the people that live and work there” as emphasized in the article.
Investment Monitor highlights the country's efforts to align its capabilities with companies that prioritize sustainability in their projects. “More than 99% of Costa Rica’s energy is already produced from renewable sources like hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass, solar and wind, and the country was one of five to win the inaugural Earthshot Prize in 2021 for doubling the size of its natural forests through various initiatives. Since then, making a historic move, Costa Rica has said it will expand its protected ocean area from 2.7% to 30% of its territorial waters – nine years ahead of a global deadline to protect a third of the world’s land and sea”.
Additionally, international hospitality companies seeking to expand in Costa Rica can rely on the support of organizations like CINDE. This private investment promotion agency offers specialized advisory services and guidance throughout the entire process, from site selection to expansion and reinvestment opportunities. 
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