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Intel Costa Rica is Hiring 200 Job Positions

Intel Costa Rica is Hiring 200 Job Positions

  • Available vacancies in technical areas but also in human resources and finance. 
  • One-half of the positions are related to assembly and testing operations and are forecast to start-up in the second half of the year.

*Press release published by Intel Costa Rica. 

March 11, 2021. Intel Costa Rica is moving forward to expand its operations in the country: it is currently hiring 202 job positions in different areas, both technical and administrative.

“The Costa Rican human talent quality is a key piece for Intel operations in the country, and over these 24 years, it has made it possible for us to offer high-quality services and value-added to the Corporation at the world level. Today we have a major number of vacant positions open that are associated with at least 32 professional profiles,” stated Timothy Scott Hall, the Manager of Governmental Affairs and Public Relations for Intel Costa Rica.

The new employees will work in electronic engineering, electromechanics, and similar areas, also, in administrative areas such as human resources and finance. The details for the job opportunities are available at

One-half of the available positions are associated with new assembly and testing operations that are forecast to begin in the second half of this year after the necessary certifications have been approved. These operations are part of the Intel manufacturing and operations organization.

At the end of last year, the Intel Corporation announced that it plans to invest US$350 million during the upcoming three years to begin assembly and testing operations in Costa Rica 

High-Value Operations

Intel Costa Rica currently employs close to 2,400 Costa Ricans. The assembly and testing operations have become part of the high-value activities that in the country into two large centers:

  1. The Research and Development Center (R&D): This is currently the major R&D center in the country and is dedicated to designing, prototypes, and testing, and validating integrated circuit solutions.  
  1. The Global Service Center: The center designs, executes and improves multifunctional business processes throughout the world in Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Quality, and Information Technology.