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Intel Costa Rica announces growth in finance and new positions during the first semester of this year

Intel Costa Rica announces growth in finance and new positions during the first semester of this year

  • The projection is that this team, that has seen constant growth since the beginning of operations in Costa Rica, will have over 500 collaborators positioning itself as Intel´s global finance hub.

  • The finance area of Intel Costa Rica is present in 100% of its global corporate functions with an impact in Latin America, the United States, and Europe.
February 12th, 2024. Intel Costa Rica currently has the largest Finance team of the corporation worldwide, which over the years has not only shown constant growth but also a transformation towards more complex and strategic functions. That is why, within the framework of the visit to Costa Rica of the company's Financial Director, David Zinsner, Intel announces the opening of new jobs.
The finance department belongs to the Global Services Center that operates in the country and is complemented by Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing. Here they design, execute, transform, and innovate multifunctional business processes at a global level.
“Intel Costa Rica today has the largest operations that provide the greatest value to the corporation in the almost 27 years that we have been in the country. Finance is one of the areas that has experienced constant growth in strategic and more complex tasks, thanks to the quality of Costa Rican human talent,” said Ileana Rojas, Vice president of the Global Design Engineering Group and general manager of Intel Costa Rica.
Precisely because these are increasingly strategic and complex tasks, the profile of the candidates includes experience in financial, accounting, and data analysis areas, among others. People interested in participating in the recruitment processes can visit the official Intel website for more information. Participation in Intel's recruitment processes is free of charge and is in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be consulted at
Professional Growth
The finance area of Intel Costa Rica is present in 100% of its global corporate functions with an impact in Latin America, the United States, and Europe.
The area has a diversity of functions and roles, as well as a consolidated development structure. This guarantees the professional growth of employees, thanks to the rotation program that enables knowledge of multiple fields.
Its functions generally include auditing, taxes, process transformation, data analysis, treasury, budgeting and control of inventory expenses, marketing, accounting, customer collection process, and risk management with monetary obligations or intellectual property. 
Functions such as mergers, acquisitions and portfolio management, advanced cost and inventory control for one of the most complex supply chains in the world, to support centers of excellence in strategic tasks such as Internal Audit, Financial Data Analytics, and transformation of the business have increased 100% their presence in Costa Rica.
“We escalate in functions thanks to our passion, commitment, experience, and innovation. Today we focus on more strategic and less transactional activities, and remotely from Costa Rica, we practically have every finance role that exists in the Corporation. In the last three years, Intel Costa Rica Finance has experienced 60% growth in its staff in more complex roles, especially in financial analysis, planning, advanced accounting policies, and acquisition support, among other areas,” indicated Miguel Rivera, Financial Director, Intel Costa Rica.
Overall, roles have evolved from being 25% transactional in 2018 to just 12% today, with strategic positions supporting Intel's various market segments.
The Finance department went from having 29 employees in 1997 to more than 360 in 2021 and over 400 in 2023, with a growth projection towards 2024.
“Corporate functions such as accounting, taxes, and treasury have evolved into more strategic and technical roles where personnel are hired with technical knowledge of the area, together with automation and advanced analytics skills. As a result, more productive processes have been implemented that translate into thousands of hours saved over the years. All of this is supported by the fact that we have internal learning programs that motivate and retain talent by seeing the unlimited career opportunities that arise,” Rivera concluded. 
High Value Operations
In Costa Rica, Intel has more than 3,300 employees and generates work for over 4,700 contractors. Its high-value activities for the corporation are divided into three major centers of excellence:
  1. The Research and Development Center (R&D): Currently the largest engineering center and the largest exporter of these services in the country, dedicated to the design, prototype, testing, and validation of integrated circuit solutions and platforms; 48% of the workforce is employed here.
  2. Processor Assembly and Test: 28% of the Manufacturing and Supply Chain organization is used here where some of the main servers that Intel offers to the market are assembled, tested, packaged, and shipped directly to customers.​
  3. The Global Services Center: designs, executes, transforms, and innovates multifunctional business processes globally in Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, as well supply chain. Costa Rica is one of the largest corporate financial sites with more than 400 employees leading the modernization of global finance. Another 24% of the workforce is employed here.