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Instantia to Establish Outside the Costa Rican Greater Metro Area

Instantia to Establish Outside the Costa Rican Greater Metro Area

  • The company will produce dehydrated pineapple in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica (GMA) to export it to Mexico.
  • Instantia invested US$350,000 in the last month and a half.

San José, Costa Rica. January 21, 2021. The multinational company in the light manufacturing and food industry sector, Instantia, will establish a new plant in Roxana de Pococí, at the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, where it will produce dehydrated pineapple for export.

This company invested more than US$350.000 in the facilities and the equipment purchase. It plans to add another US$250,000 between January and February of this year.

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Andrés Valenciano, was pleased with the announcement, "During 2020, the pandemic presented challenges for the global economy and, especially for foreign direct investment. Despite this, we begin this year with news that fills us with hope. Instantia invests in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. With this operation, Pococí will be the home of the new plant with 30 initial jobs, meaning more formal employment opportunities for Costa Ricans and, also, will promote productive linkages with other sectors of the economy."

Additionally, he added, “In the last five years, the employment generated by FDI companies outside the GMA has had an average annual growth of 15%, this motivates us to continue working hard with the communities to create favorable conditions for companies like Instantia to settle in our country. We appreciate the confidence and wish them success. "

Francisco López Lee, managing director of Instantia Costa Rica, said, “We have chosen Costa Rica as a key country to start our expansion outside of Mexico due to various reasons; one of them is its widely recognized pineapple quality and the availability of raw material throughout the year. Likewise, to the existence of regimes that support the establishment of companies that wish to invest in the country, therefore, we will have a social impact on the community where the plant has established.”

Currently, the company is creating linkages to buy organic fruit from local producers. All the products will be exported to Mexico, and it plans to process bananas in the next phase.

Jorge Sequeira Picado, CINDE´s Managing Director, commented: “Investments such as Instantia´s have allowed Costa Rica to generate a total of 3,660 jobs outside the GMA at the end of 2020. Since 2015, CINDE has promoted joint work with 20 communities outside the metro area to improve their competitiveness and obtain the benefits of foreign direct investment. Costa Rica has the potential to continue attracting light manufacturing projects that create formal jobs throughout the country, encourage linkages in the agroindustry, and provide greater added value to exports.”

The company will hire about 30 people during 2021 among operators and administrative personnel. Those interested should send their information to

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