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IBM´s Watson is being tailored to LATAM from Costa Rica and bringing 40 new jobs

IBM´s Watson is being tailored to LATAM from Costa Rica and bringing 40 new jobs

IBM´s robust big data analytics “Watson” will be
tailored for Latin America from Costa Rica.

New operation through local partnership alliance
will create 40 new jobs to start off.

IBM´s Watson, a system capable of analyzing, learning and
reaching conclusions, arrived in Costa Rica and is bringing 40 new jobs.

IBM´s new platform came to Costa Rica via a new company called
Cognitiva, born from Costa Rica based GMB. Cognitiva will be in charge of
taking Watson to the other 23 countries in Latin America, with Costa Rica hosting
the regional headquarters.

Watson´s technology allows for big data processing and
analytics such that companies and institutions can leverage these insights in a
useful way for their business processes and services management.

According to Ruben Rivera, GBM general manager, Watson is based
on big data techniques but has the ability to learn and develop data in a more
advanced and intelligent way.

Hernando Segura, general manager for Cognitiva, asserted
that they are seeking professional profiles ranging from finance, banking and
health consultants, to programming technicians and systems analysts. Hiring
processes will take place during the first semester of this year, in their
offices located in Plaza Roble, Escazu.

The initial operation will start off with 40 professionals,
but management projects this number to grow as the company gains rapport.

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